Bill Moyers/Democracy School/Precautionary Principle

There is a direct correlation between this headline of the article you <a href="The headline says there has been a big win on the subject of regulating fracking”>forwarded to me, (click link or see below) and the interesting backup links, and the basic concept that has been developed by the founder of the democracy school that Donna spoke to us about last week.

The headline says there has been a big win on the subject of regulating fracking

The work of the attorney, his name is Linzey and I have collected some of his spoken words for us — his work is based on he idea that speaking about “regulations” automatically assumes that the corposystem has the right to use our social properties or community rights — the air, and our water. and our land that we need to grow our food, as well as our freedoms. When we begin by talking about “regulating” the corposystem’s rights, we are already assuming that they have those rights. This is a basic flaw in our politics in Washington, also, as I see it. Then they just keep squeezing the regulations and fudging the numbers until they get what they want.

Linzey’s Democracy School is not in Washington, but is very successful in some local situations. Democracy School says the corposystem does not own our communal rights in the first place and there are ways we can respond that are not based upon their ownership. He is not talking about same-old same-old, and that’s why Donna brought that particular training program to our attention. We have NOT heard about that approach, and it has been very successful across the country in small communities such as ours (small I say not counting the University). This is a very creative and very new approach to resolving our problems.

The basic premise of the Democracy School is that we the people have the right to decide what is done with those things that we as a community need for our survival, air, water, land, soil and food. We have the right to get together and choose sustainable answers for their use. Mr. Linzey and his colleagues have developed some new legal responses to issues such as fracking and destruction of renewable resources. That’s what Democracy School is about. I’d love for us to get together and watch the short videos. This is not a movie – it’s a lecture given by Mr. Linzey at Bioneers that outlines the evolution of his legal thinking in response to problems with factory farming coming into farming communities and taking over the air, water, etc.

A parallel effort by another attorney — also a lecture given at Bioneers several years back — is on the subject of the Precautionary Principle. This one needs no new legal thinking. It is well understood internationally and only needs to be applied, and there are practical applications worked up for applying it. This country formerly required by law the precautionary approach to new medications, for example. It’s only common sense that we shouldn’t set out to widely apply any action that we don’t know what the outcome will be. Common sense. I hear people say we don’t really know if there is global warming so we should go ahead and do whatever we want until after we find out that there is, and then we can stop if we want to. Nonsensical thinking. Nobody can take back what has already been done. For every action there is a reaction. We don’t want to do that kind of experiment. Common sense.

Good grief I am expounding again. I just woke up in Houston after listening to Bill Moyers. Maybe we should get a copy of his talk too. He weaves the story well, but it’s the same story that many of us are trying to weave, and it’s not his elegant use of words that makes it important. We’re at the verge of losing our country to the corposystem, and it is the duty of every person to learn about the facts and participate, or over we go. Maybe we will be over the cliff anyhow, but surely we will be if we just sit back and watch it happen.

Mr. Moyers does not appear to understand the biological components of the problem, but it’s not necessary to know everything in order to respond to a problem. He’s right; I’m right. And so is Linzey. We can’t fix anything unless we take back what is ours and then apply his knowledge of politics and our well studied knowledge of biology and Linzey’s creative understand of the law and, and. First we take back our communal rights, and then we learn to use them sustainably for the communities of life. Of course — that’s easy to say, the problem is to know WHAT TO DO. As everyone keeps wondering, and rightly so.

What we do is get together and SHARE OUR EXPERTISE and stop trying everyone to do what is right for individuals or for themselves, and forget that what we are losing now is the common welfare, the communities without which we don’t HAVE individual rights — earth, air, soil, water and our freedoms that are NOT individual. Our freedoms have grown up as benefits from the community to its members, and they must be protected as level two (community) rights — not that anyone can do whatever we want to do, but that we have a right to our earth, air, soil and water and our communal freedoms, but only if we use them to benefit the FUTURE (that means sustainably).