His Holiness and Ecology

I am forwarding this to our whole group of nearly 200 people and posting it on my blog, at the last minute, because I sincerely believe we will require the blending of the practical compassion and practical ecology if we humans are to make it through this biological bottleneck. As the Mind & Life announcement states (see the announcement below, a sincere effort at synergy is needed. Not only lip service and not a vague, fuzzy-bunny understanding of what is a hard-edged biological reality. Neither free-floating, unfocused compassion, nor prayer can save us from ourselves if we fail to also fulfill our obligations — both as individuals and as organizations — to our human future and to the earth.

Mind and Life Institute works with His Holiness The Dalai Lama to coordinate scientific research with issues of importance to the compassionate community. In the past, in my opinion, the Mind and Life science initiatives have expended far too much of their unique potential in the study of human physiology that won’t even exist if we don’t get our act together. I hope the work they describe here is fruitful. I know it is of the highest possible priority, and many of you will be interested in the outcome. The webcast begins in our time zone at 9:30PM today (Sunday) streaming live on line. I will download the podcasts and share them.

I hope they include at least one qualified ecological scientist in this workshop. So many people believe that they understand ecology simply because they do understand interconnectedness. Because we are interconnected doesn’t mean we can do anything we want to do with the ecosystem. If we want it to stay alive and healthy, we need to know specifically HOW the ecosystem is interconnected – how it functions — so we can avoid breaking the critical connections. If we haven’t already.

Let’s see how well the meeting is able to accomplish this effort and let’s support them fully if they are effectively addressing our real survival problem. We do need to unite behind an effort that has a chance to succeed. I don’t think the Peach Clubhouse can do it alone.

The regular Peach Clubhouse newsletter will follow later this month

The minimum requirement to grow a viable human social structure is that the citizens must be educated in the skills of: practical compassion applied to problem solving; the nature and needs of a healthy ecosystem; a rule of law that recognizes the conflicting human values at the individual level and the level of the whole.

___________________________________Here below is he announcement

Mind and Life XXIII
Ecology, Ethics and Interdependence
with His Holiness The Dalai Lama
Dharamsala, India • October 17 – 21, 2011

Live webcast
Live broadcasting by Ustream
Unfortunately, as this will be a small, private meeting, it will be impossible to invite additional participants to attend Mind and Life XXIII. However, the proceedings of the conference will be webcast live, beginning October 17th. Please note that the sessions begin at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm Indian time. If you experience problems viewing this video, you can also see it at http://dalailama.com/live-english The sessions will be available for streaming and download after the event at http://dalailama.com/webcasts.

Conference Overview
The slow meltdown of Earth’s capacity to sustain much of life, as we know it, poses an urgent challenge for both spiritual traditions and science. These two ways of knowing have developed distinctive responses, which are potentially synergistic. The goal of the meeting is to provide an opportunity to articulate an engaged environmental ethics. This would include the understanding of interdependence through an examination of the most recent data on the scientific case for effective ecological action. Furthermore, it will be a unique opportunity to meet with other faith traditions that have arrived at a religious basis for motivating environmental activism. A dialogue between contemplative scholars, activists and ecological scientists could enrich the response to our planetary crisis. Insights from the new thrust in ecological science evoke the deep interconnections between individual choice and planetary consequence as well as through cross-fertilization of ideas and meaningful action among activists working within their own spiritual framework. We will explore many dimensions, from the human-caused deterioration in the global systems that sustain life, and the role each of us plays as seen through the lens of industrial ecology, to a view from Buddhist philosophy and other faith traditions, to the on-the-ground realities faced by ecological activists. Our hope is that this conference will be a significant catalyst for the formulation of new research ideas in these fields and solutions to our planetary crisis.

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