Ethics and Manipulations

What i am recommending that we do is the same method used (very successfully) by the corposystem to do dishonorable and sometimes illegal things. Only we will be hones and honorable. They keep saying the same lie. You might hear that same lie using the same words maybe 10 times a day or however many depending if you listen to the TV — for months, even years, and polls show that the general population believes the lies they are told if they are told often enough.

We are trying to talk about truths, so we assume everyone, or at least everyone on our mailing list, knows the truths. All I am trying to say is that we need to repeat and repeat and repeat the truths more than they repeat the lies — we need to have our own good goal sentence or truth sentence — even when writing to our own people or especially to our own people, so we can remain focused. Otherwise people tend to wander off or misunderstand or forget there is a more important reason for standing on the corner than just the one thing we are pinpointing on this one day.

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