In absence of reality, genuine beauty can not exist because all is make believe.
Lacking beauty, truth is unattainable because truth encompansses beauty.

Without truth, honor is inconceivable.

To want honor is to want pride.

Lacking pride, we destroy our selves.

And others.


The Dalai Lama Speaks Out

PBS on population

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Peach Clubhouse Newsletter 110717

  • Upcoming Events
  • Tuesday July 19 at 6 pm – Movie, Biography of the Dalai Lama, about an hour, with liquid refreshment.

    Thursday, July 21 at noontime – two recorded lectures on the subject of legal remedies to the corposystem.

    After this Thursday we will not have regular Thursday hours. Thursday will be a “by appointment” day.

    Friday, July 22 at 2 pm – Meditation and a discussion, with liquid refreshment, about the practical use of lovingkindness meditation as an antidote for everyday problems

  • Fracking Facts and Opinions
  • This past week we had the opportunity to question a person who has advanced degrees and training in the oil and gas industry.

    Question: We are told that drilling into the ground in general, and fracking in particular, does not contaminate our water that we get from underground aquifers. (An aquifer is a place where the water collects over many decades because of the way it pools in the various layers of underground rock. In Texas, most of our drinking water for the cities and also water for irrigation comes from underground aquifers. You can find maps of these aquifers at Http://FactFictionFancy.wordpress.com web site, on the right side of the page.)

    Answer: “Any time you drill a hole in Mother Earth, there is a possibility of contaminating the water supply. High-pressure fracking is different because there is pressure on the order of 10 or 20,000 psi under there. If you get into Mother Earth below some fracture in the rocks a mile or more down, or if you get a verticle pattern of fracturing instead of the horizontal, then it will migrate from the high pressure of the well to the lower pressures that are higher in the earth.”

    If you the reader are interested in would like to hear information from another expert, we recommend the videos of Anthony Ingraffia, a professor at Cornell University. He gives a very clear explanation of the process of fracking, and also the kinds of question that we all need to be asking about the process. I will also post this one on my blog (it is below).


    Fracking was also a subject for This American Life.

  • Food Facts and Opinions
  • We are dedicated to evaluation of the many claims on all sides
    about genetically modified food. Many of these claims, on all
    sides, are exaggerated or false. That’s too bad. And it’s hard to
    understand, because the real goal of us all is to build a good life
    for the future, and it’s hard to imagine that we can build a good
    life on false information

    Bare Bones Biology 064 – Corposystem Power

    When I opened my mailbox to the January issue of National Geographic with the word population plastered across a picture of seething humanity, I knew this would be the year when we humans, as a society, will choose the future for our home on earth. Finally, I said, someone in authority is telling us the truth about our ecosystem.

    Not surprisingly, the corposystem responded with a barrage of self-serving lies. Most of these center around the root lie that we can live in a world where infinite growth is possible.

    From my point of view, the good thing about their lies is that they make no sense at all, and anyone can do the math. Anyone can understand that the corposystem power will fail unless the corposystem changes its world view. Because the world view that it has built (James Hillman calls it a religion) is not based in physical, factual reality, and as time goes by the corposystem must tweak this and lie about that to make their little world seem as though it makes sense. But, as someone has said, physics will not wait around for us to catch on to reality. The factual reality of physics is what it is, without regard for anyone’s opinion or metaphor or ideology.

    The fatal flaw of the corposystem ideology is its myth of infinite growth. In fact, infinite growth is physically impossible anywhere in our solar system. Unless it changes its ideology, therefore, the corposystem will fail. It is not showing any signs of ideological change, and instead seems to be trying ever harder to grow ever faster, and in the process is destroying the ecosystem that feeds it. Growth in the absence of resources is the defining characteristic of a Ponzi scheme. The corposystem is reaching the end of its Ponzi run, because the earth no longer has the resources to support further growth of the corposystem.

    People do see this, but when you mention that we are at the point where we must choose between the corposystem and a healthy ecosystem, it seems that most people don’t want to do the math and would rather believe the lies. Then they pour out a bunch of reasons why we can’t or they can’t, or they simply deny the fact and claim that “all statistics lie.” That’s a pretty feeble excuse. Statistics tell us whatever we ask. If you want to know whether or not we are at the point of making this decision, you yourself can get the data and ask the question. In the meantime, as Al Gore said in An Inconvenient Truth: “It’s just human nature to take time to connect the dots, I know that, but I also know there can come a time of reckoning when we wish we had connected the dots sooner.”

    The corposystem is now on the verge of crashing permanently because its growth requires more resources than the earth has to offer. Survival of the corposystem in its present form is not one of our options, so there is no point continuing to support it with our greed, our anger or our fear.

    The crash of the corposystem will be very unpleasant, because we (not you, but previous generations) let it run on to this point. It will indeed be a disaster, but we shouldn’t forget, while we are dealing with the fallout, that the event will open more opportunities than it closes. Those of us who do not enjoy living in a culture that is based in negative human values, we will have the option to pitch out greed as the defining value of our social structure, and build our communities around our positive human values – some of which are glorious.

    And the greatest of these is kindness.

    Nothing but the propaganda in our heads can stop us from beginning now to build our better lifestyles.

    Bare Bones Biology 064 – Corposystem Power
    KEOS FM, 89.1, Bryan, TX
    Download audio later this week from http://www.BareBonesBiology.com

    Hillman, James. 1995. Kinds of Power, Its Intelligent Uses. Doubleday

    Fracking Facts

    Tony Ingraffea knows what he’s talking about relative to fracking and isn’t afraid to speak the truth without loading it up with propaganda claims.

    Marcellus Shale