How Cool is That?

I noticed a little blip (upward) in the readership of my blog and investigated further. I found pages and pages of pictures illustrating my very favorite biological topic, levels of organization. See if this works for you as it did for me:

I don’t know, maybe this is a special web address, and if it doesn’t work you should try “best pictures of levels of organization.”

It pleases me greatly that the searches on my blog for informational biology topics exceed the searches for opinions and transcripts. It also pleases me that a lot of excellent information about physics is available on PBS, and the most recent I heard of was on another science channel. It makes me wonder why we aren’t getting equally rigorous information about the factual basis for biological functioning. Biology is not physics. If we only had the level of development studied by physicists there would be no life on earth. Wouldn’t it be better (or at least as good) to tell us how life works that is different than how physics works??

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