Today’s Question

Which is more important, the goal or the game?

I mean, unless your goal is to win the game, of course, then it doesn’t matter.

My goal is to not leave the world worse for my being here. This is very difficult because everyone must eat or not be here. That’s because we all need food energy for our bodies to grow and/or do anything.

I only fully realized how difficult it is to not do harm when I read a Facebook post from Dot, who said that our current entire world is right now using (approximately of course, but we have all kinds of measuring devices so it is no doubt pretty nearly right) 1.5 times as much resources as the earth can produce. That’s right now this year.

To appreciate this we need to know that nearly all renewable resources, that is, food energy and wood and other things we use to make THINGS and also to make MONEY — almost all of that comes from photosynthesis by plants and other photosynthetic organisms living on the earth (including oceans, everyplace on earth). Technology can not solve this problem by making food because it takes more energy to MAKE it than the organic energy we get by eating it. Technology has been trying. You never hear about it because they can’t do it. All the organic energy that organisms need to stay alive on earth, all comes from those lovely green things that grow in this lovely green earth, and that’s only if we don’t destroy the water and climate and soil that they need to survive. And we cannot have more food than there can be; we know how the biochemical process functions, and it requires the green organisms to do it. The only way we can adjust to the balance of organic food energy is not to use too much of it, either for eating or for making things and money. That means we have to balance ourselves from now on. Do we want more things, more money or more people? We can’t have all three.

Or, in old fashioned terminology, you can’t get blood from a stone.