Peach Clubhouse Newsletter – 110710

Activities Upcoming at the Peach Clubhouse

Thursday July 14, 12 noon – Movie David vs. Montsanto
Tuesday July 19, 6 pm – Biography of the Dalai Lama

Insight Meditation at noon on Wednesday at the UU in College Station.
Meditation at 3 pm on Friday at the Peach Clubhouse. We will have another guided meditation on the same subject (the four greatest qualities) but a different guide, followed by discussion, to last about an hour — or more if we choose.

This week Bare Bones Biology radio program is attached, or you can get it from the blog at It’s about ignorance this time.

Progress Reports

Hydraulic fracturing presents us all with a great challenge. We’ve been told this a good, clean, USA-based source of energy; we’ve also been told we’ve got about a 25-year supply (at current use levels). We’ve seen the economic up-turn and increased number of jobs in areas where drilling is occurring. We’re also learning about what is called the “dark side of the boom” — the side effects of this drilling on health, human and animal, clean water supplies, clean air, land surfaces, property values. We hear reports of “bad neighbor” behavior by some of the drilling companies. We read that energy industry businesses and federal agencies alike have some question about the economic viability of drilling for this type of energy source.

Certainly hydraulic fracturing is making drastic changes to our land. When making drastic changes to biological systems it behooves all of us to remember and honor the precautionary principle (pdf attached). If we don’t know what the results will be, proceed with extreme caution or don’t proceed at all. Explore alternatives.

We need to ask ourselves if fracking is worth the chance of destroying water and other natural resources, health & well-being. What will we gain from going after this natural gas in the long term? It’s well-documented that the globe’s reserves of hydro-carbon-based fuels are dwindling. Why aren’t we putting equal human energy into planning for the transfer from coal, oil and gas to alternative energy sources? We are making this very profound decision now, with every well we drill.

In the Brazos Valley of Texas, a group of interested citizens have come together to prepare and disseminate information about fracking locally, in Texas, and around the country. Peach Clubhouse is an active supporter of this group and is willing to show the movie Gasland to any interested small or large groups. In the meantime a good description of fracking is available at

We now have a file at the Peach Clubhouse, w. video, about the Precautionary Policy.

Interesting Links and References

“We can’t be on the stock exchange, we are the stock exchanged.” Nikki Giovani

This is genetically modified foods week. If you want to contribute to the outline or the script of a short movie about “What are genetically modified foods?” let me know. and put something relevant in the subject line.

For food week we repeat a report by one of our most knowledgeable observers of the world food and other energy supplies

Tired of grim news? Come next week to see the biography of the Dalai Lama.
And check out this pleasant movie about Heidi Redd, a rancher in the real west

For directions go to the upper left corner on

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