Peach Clubhouse Newsletter – 110704

  • Bare Bones Biology
  • radio show is also attached. The show airs on KEOS FM in Bryan, Texas, at 6:55 AM on Sunday, 8:55PM on Tuesday, and a new time at 3:00PM on Sunday. A new show each week. This week show is the third of a series. You can read the entire series and download the audios on the FactFictionFancy blog. The address is below.

  • The Peach Clubhouse Vidcast
  • on the subject of soil is now in preparation. Anyone who wants to participate with pictures, audio, ideas (I received some great ideas last week), editing etc, let me know. We need some pictures of soil well cared for and soil under attack. As this is our first official production, we are planning to take to the end of the year to finish it. The next vidcast proposed is our local Farmers’ Market.

  • Peach Clubhouse Movies
  • are scheduled as follows for the month of July, at the Peach Clubhouse, address below. A/C is installed and is working great. Low noise, high comfort.

    July 5, Tuesday 6 pm – The Corporation. Debbie brought this movie to us, and it has some very useful information.
    July 14, Thursday at noontime – David vs. Montsanto. I highly recommend this success story to everyone who cares about agriculture, the ecosystem and our place in it.
    July 19, Tuesday 6 pm – Biography of the Dalais Lama
    July 21, Thursday at noon – two short audio presentations, one is about the legal issues related to corporate agriculture, the other about the precautionary principle.

  • Peach Clubhouse Insight Meditation
  • Continuing a presentation by Pema Chodron (on tape) Fridays at 2-4 pm.

    Links to other activities

  • Our Local Fracking Group
  • The movie Gasland will be available for groups, churches, anywhere good citizens of any political leaning are found. Fracking is already active in our Brazos Valley, and it’s always best to be aware how it could affect us all, whether or not there is a well on (under) your property. Gasland will also be shown at TAMU.

    A facebook page and web page are in preparation, and we will have resources to answer inquiries. Materials will be available in both local public libraries. If you want to be on the mailing list, contact Lynn at the Peach Clubhouse,

  • College Station Interfaith Alliance
  • Advancing Interfaith Understanding Dinner
    When: Tuesday, July 12th What Time: 6.30 pm

  • The Waco Friends of Peace
  • FOURTH OF JULY PEACE ACTION, 2011 – Several FOP members are interested in an action for peace on this Monday, July 4th. The day typically celebrates war and militarism. We propose instead a celebration of the end of war. The true end of U.S. wars and occupations. Can you commit to 2 hours the afternoon of July 4th, at the corner of Valley Mills Drive and Hwy 84? Before you run up there tomorrow, check with Alan to make sure it’s still on

  • In Benicia, California
  • , citizens came together to develop a Climate Action Plan. They presented it for approval to the city, and then to the citizens of the city in a series of five meetings entitled “Stewards of our Children’s Future.” Then they sent copies of all that work to us. I am inspired and would be happy to share these DVDs.

  • Houston Peace and Justice Center
  • Power to the People Conference looks very good, only $25
    July 9, 2011, 9am – 5 pm, registration 8:30 am
    Pecore Hall, St. Stephen’s Church
    1805 West Alabama, Houston, TX 77098

    The peach clubhouse is open on Tuesday from 10 am to 4 pm – on movie nights we stay open to end of movie. It is also open on Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm (except July 28) and on Friday from 10 am until 4 pm. Meditation from 2 to 4 this month, 3 to 4 usually.

    The address is 1110 Justine Street in Bryan, take Texas to 17th, go one block east. The telephone when I learn to turn it on is 436-7665.