Bare Bones Biology 062 – Fracking III

Yes indeed, every industry is having problems. That’s because the question is not fundamentally about industries. It’s about the universal law of cause and effect. About the common root cause of the effects that you don’t like, and the bigger question is whether you will decide to take actions that will make things better — or carry on doing the same behaviors that caused the problem in the first place.

No living thing on this earth has ever had the power, in the long term, to get whatever it wants without doing the behaviors (that is the causes) that will bring the effects that we want. If we sincerely want to solve the problems of industry and their root cause, then problem solving requires, first, knowing what we want; second, knowing what is the problem that stands between us and getting what we want; and third, understanding that many actions are possible and useful for now, but most of them will cause more harm than good for future generations if we don’t know how the system functions.

So it’s your choice:
You can do nothing, or you can do something.
If you decide to do something, you can decide to:
Do something that will make you feel better; or you can
Do something that will probably be a little more frustrating but will actually help improve the conditions.

The living earth ecosystem does not function by human values or aspirations. The living earth ecosystem functions very elegantly, incredibly, but definitely on the basis of cause and effect. So if we want to influence the living earth ecosystem we must do the actions that will cause the effect we want. And not do the actions that cause adverse effects. That’s all there is to it; and we know enough to do it; and there is no other way.

For the past 100 years at least we have clearly understood our problem. We are unbalancing our ecosystem by taking away too much of the resources it needs to maintain its own balance of life, and using the resources for activities that poison the cycles required for its health. We have known how to fix that. To fix it we must reduce our growth of all kinds, because it is our growth that consumes the resources that the ecosystem requires to maintain its own healthy balance. There is no other way.

That’s the only way to get the outcome we want. But we refuse to do it. So instead of working for the best possible outcome, we just throw another corporation at the problem, and then we sit back and complain when the earth gets sicker — because we made it sicker.

So your choice now is to decide whether you want to make the earth more healthy, or if you would prefer to spend your time:
Doing nothing;
Trying to believe the corposystem fairy tales;
Resorting powers like prayer or spirituality, that we can not control, while ignoring or mis-using our own personal and social power;
Having fun;
Being miserable;
Blaming someone else;
Fighting over issues that will not change the outcomes;
Debating issues that will not change the outcomes;
Pretending the glass is half full;
Pretending the glass is half empty;
Trying to win something;
Or trying yet harder to believe in the human value system that caused the problem in the first place.

Well, here’s my helpful hint. Your first next step should be to learn the difference between measurable facts and opinions, including your own opinions, and propaganda. At the same time you should: (1) begin studying the laws of biology. You will not learn about ecosystem health by studying physics or even physiology. It’s the ecosystem that’s sick, not a human or a proton. There’s a free download of the Bare Bones Ecology Energy Handbook on my website. (2) Stop arguing or fighting over anything, and begin problem solving discussions. (3) Stop doing those actions that cause harm to the life of the ecosystem.

You’re right. Fracking is a symptom and not the cause of our problems. Stopping fracking will not solve all the problems. Neither would anything else solve all the problems. Doing nothing will definitely not solve all the problems, and stopping fracking could prevent terminal destruction of the earth’s remaining fresh water, while we work to bring population and economic growth under our control.

Bare Bones Biology 062 – Fracking III
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