Culture of Guilt

We live in a culture that is organized around trust betrayed.

It seems to be a happy loving family, and yet the child is given a calf or a lamb to raise, and to love – really and truly give her heart to this animal that needs her as a baby needs its mother. And then she must send it off to market to get money for her college education. And everyone celebrates and she gets her name in the paper with a picture of the now-dead baby.

Or to raise up a pet cat from its infancy and never really understand — that animal loves you as you would love your God if you had one. And then just give it away, or worse throw it out by the roadside.

The thing is, we have all done it, one way or another.

I don’t know what to think about that. Or how to feel.

Because even the animal rights activists, PETA, do exactly the same thing, in reverse, and it is the thing that is wrong. The suffering. Not the intention. They all have good intentions, but it is what you do that causes the pain, not why you do it. And none of us can afford to really see what we are doing, because of the load of guilt we would have to deal with, and we don’t know how to deal with guilt. We just go out and kill a few more “enemies.”

Christianity understands guilt; there is the story of the innocent crucified. I don’t think Buddhism does understand. There is a story about a monk walking across a field of carcasses after a war. It was not his war, but the punch line is that he was completely unaffected by the carnage.

Neither of these stories is very helpful to me, as a member of the culture of guilt.

Bare Bones Biology 066 – Corposystem Power

The corposystem can not destroy our heritage, the rule of law, the soil, water, air, the climate and our freedom. That is, they can’t do it unless we let them, and because we all know that this is true, the corposystem gives us games to play to prevent us from thinking about the reality of our power.

One game is to change the subject away from real facts by claiming there is a debate. Rather than consult experts and discuss opinions, they display their own ignorance by debating fake or peripheral issues. We saw this clearly in the so-called debate over climate change. Also “Darwinism” and others you can name.

Another game they give us to play is to use really important issues, like fracking to make us forget the root cause of the multiplicity of our lesser problems. Fracking is as important as global warming, but the root cause of both is growth, because economic and population growth require resources that come from the living earth ecosystem – resources like food, minerals, water, soil – and the economy and every living thing requires these resources in order to grow. We can not grow forever because we will run out of food, clean water and good soil. And we run out of them because they are being destroyed by fracking and chemicals that are used in an effort to support more growth. And the game is, while we are fighting over fracking, or “Darwinism,” or poisoned soil, the corposystem is trying to grow some other part of itself, so that whatever we gain by reducing fracking is more than lost by the overgrowth of something else.

Or some important problem bubbles up in the news, and immediately the corposystem might start a fight over whose fault it is. Fight! Fight! We all gather around to watch and have a good old time blaming each other. Blame-placing, of course, takes away all our personal and social power, because we can’t change anything that has already happened. We can only do one thing at a time, and fussing over things we can’t change doesn’t change anything. That’s why political blaming and fighting is one of the corposystem’s favorite games, because it distracts us so effectively from the bigger problem. The bigger problem is — us — sitting on our TV watching the fight when we could be using our brains and our hands to make positive change.

If we would stop debating and blame-placing, and hand-sitting, and think factually about reality, we KNOW that growth beyond resources is NOT A GOOD THING. The solution to our problems is NOT growth, after we have already reached the capacity of the earth’s ability to feed us. From that point, which is approximately now, the solution to all these problems is to stop using more food energy and other kinds of energy than the earth can grow. But that’s not what the corposystem is doing. Instead of looking for real solutions, the corposystem just gives us another game. This time it’s a cliff-edge panic decision that is meant to grow the corposystem. Bush chose war — Obama chose debt. Neither war not debt nor any other kind of growth addresses the real problem.

So there is no point poisoning the future water and soil and air, just to squeeze out another dollar or two for a dying corposystem that will crash anyhow. Or maye it will change. It can’t continue as it is, because, there aren’t enough resources. Our better option would be to build a more compassionate and sustainable social order for our future. We can begin this by refusing to play the corposystem’s power games. Blame-placing, political board games, aintitawful games, cliff-edge panics. And use our own personal power to do something positive.

Anyone can do that.

Bare Bones Biology 066 – Corposystem Power
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How Cool is That?

I noticed a little blip (upward) in the readership of my blog and investigated further. I found pages and pages of pictures illustrating my very favorite biological topic, levels of organization. See if this works for you as it did for me:

I don’t know, maybe this is a special web address, and if it doesn’t work you should try “best pictures of levels of organization.”

It pleases me greatly that the searches on my blog for informational biology topics exceed the searches for opinions and transcripts. It also pleases me that a lot of excellent information about physics is available on PBS, and the most recent I heard of was on another science channel. It makes me wonder why we aren’t getting equally rigorous information about the factual basis for biological functioning. Biology is not physics. If we only had the level of development studied by physicists there would be no life on earth. Wouldn’t it be better (or at least as good) to tell us how life works that is different than how physics works??


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Bare Bones Biology 065 – Aintitawful

Right from the beginning, my blog has been about power, particularly it is about personal power – our power to build our lives around our own positive values. Of course we can’t do anything or everything that we want to do. Other powers exist that we do not personally control. The power of communities; the power of the corposystem; and most importantly for our survival, the power of the ecosystem. We can not directly control these other things, at least we can’t control how they respond to our mutual environment, and it’s better that we don’t try.

It is better to clearly understand the powers that we are able to control, rather than to stand around comparing notes about what we can not do. Or to cry and complain because we can’t have everything we want. It’s given away, that crying time. We could have used that time to grow our own personal power. When we spend time complaining about the corposystem, whether we hate it or fear it, all that time we are complaining about the corposystem we are actually growing the power of the corposystem, and they count on that help. They nurture it. They want us to believe they can control us. But it’s only true at level three. In the important ways, they can not control us at the level of personal power. Not unless we believe in the corposystem more than we believe in ourselves.

I have spoken often about levels of organization, including levels of power. I am not the ecosystem (level four in my system of categorizing). I am not the corposystem (level three). I am not the community (level two). But I am me, level one, and my personal power is my own to claim and use for the benefit of myself or of humankind or for whatever I choose to use it. I can give it away, but nobody can take it away from me. It lives in the choices that I make right now. Every breath, every millisecond of life, contains a choice – what to do – and whether I think about it or not, whether I believe it or not, what I do with the choice of this moment, including doing nothing, is my personal power (or my weakness). If I choose to spend this moment moaning over the negative power of the corposystem, then I am growing a future, for myself and for other people, that will be one long moan.

The Peach Clubhouse exists because I could not find enough expressions of personal power in the other places where I looked for them, including some educational and progressive groups. What I found instead was a lock-step re-affirmation of the power of the corposystem to rule our lives unhampered.

That’s hogwash.

But it’s easy to understand.

Because it’s hard to see around our training.

For example, I came THIS close to making the Peach Clubhouse into a nonprofit organization, before I realized what that means. The nonprofits are the scavengers of the corposystem. They’re part of the corposystem. Like a buzzard or a maggot, they support the corposystem by cleaning up after it, cleaning up the harm that it causes. And more importantly they support the corposystem mantra. Success is growth – selling, fighting, growing.

Well, damn, selling, fighting and growing only creates more messes, and it defines the nonprofits by the same toxic charter that defines the corposystem. Were I to buy into this system, I would betray the whole purpose of the Peach Clubhouse — this emblem of my personal power — by allowing it to be swallowed up into the corposystem, defined by the greed, fear and hatred of the corposystem. As our media, and our rule of law, have been swallowed up, and even – you can believe this or not – the corposystem evidently thinks it can swallow up the ecosystem. Well that won’t happen, because none of us can live without the ecosystem. And neither will I throw the Peach Clubhouse into that black hole.

Bare Bones Biology 065 – Aintitawful
KEOS radio 89.1 FM, Bryan, Texas
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Today’s Question

Which is more important, the goal or the game?

I mean, unless your goal is to win the game, of course, then it doesn’t matter.

My goal is to not leave the world worse for my being here. This is very difficult because everyone must eat or not be here. That’s because we all need food energy for our bodies to grow and/or do anything.

I only fully realized how difficult it is to not do harm when I read a Facebook post from Dot, who said that our current entire world is right now using (approximately of course, but we have all kinds of measuring devices so it is no doubt pretty nearly right) 1.5 times as much resources as the earth can produce. That’s right now this year.

To appreciate this we need to know that nearly all renewable resources, that is, food energy and wood and other things we use to make THINGS and also to make MONEY — almost all of that comes from photosynthesis by plants and other photosynthetic organisms living on the earth (including oceans, everyplace on earth). Technology can not solve this problem by making food because it takes more energy to MAKE it than the organic energy we get by eating it. Technology has been trying. You never hear about it because they can’t do it. All the organic energy that organisms need to stay alive on earth, all comes from those lovely green things that grow in this lovely green earth, and that’s only if we don’t destroy the water and climate and soil that they need to survive. And we cannot have more food than there can be; we know how the biochemical process functions, and it requires the green organisms to do it. The only way we can adjust to the balance of organic food energy is not to use too much of it, either for eating or for making things and money. That means we have to balance ourselves from now on. Do we want more things, more money or more people? We can’t have all three.

Or, in old fashioned terminology, you can’t get blood from a stone.


In absence of reality, genuine beauty can not exist because all is make believe.
Lacking beauty, truth is unattainable because truth encompansses beauty.

Without truth, honor is inconceivable.

To want honor is to want pride.

Lacking pride, we destroy our selves.

And others.

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