Did you Think it was About People?

If you follow TomDispatch, they ran an what shall we say – the guy was trying to prove that he is sophisticated by showing that he was not? (Lapham) Using the cleverest of word combinations. I couldn’t resist answering.

“Nice to be able to talk funny but the answer is there will be neither food nor money. In the first place food has a history of millions of years since the first animal ate something, and in the second place money does not exist — or at least has no value — unless it represents goods, and all goods that relate to life come ultimately from growing plants. Especially organic food energy that people require to stay alive and can not get anywhere else in the whole universe (we tried). When the crash comes it will be because we ran out of goods. Because we don’t have enough photosynthetic capacity to produce enough organic food energy to keep the earth ecosystem healthy. Because people ate it right out of balance.

Did you think it was about fig newtons? It’s about the ecosystem staying in balance.”

Doesn’t it make you think of old whatsisname playing around while Rome was burning? That we care more about our sophistication than we do about our one and only home?

Peach Clubhouse Newsletter 110607

    Fracking Tour

The fracking tour was a thwacking big success, beyond expectations, and the reverberations are still reverberating in a number of ways. We aren’t dropping the subject. It will be one of our ongoing tentacles and you will hear more from time to time.

In Anne’s interview, Sharon Wilson stated that fracking uses an “unsustainable amount of water.” Good point Sharon. My guess is that it would use more energy to recycle the water – more energy than the wells are producing.

Check out the Bloomberg comment on the relationship between drought and energy production.

(And BTW, the same problem with trying to “make” food. Making any of these natural products requires more energy than it produces. It’s all about the second law of thermodynamics.)

Maps of the water aquifers and the proposed drilling can be downloaded from our blog, lower right side:

For more information, literature is on file at the public library and at the Peach Clubhouse.

    Friday Insight Meditation Group – Friday June 17

Meditation group will meet at 2 pm to continue Pema Chodron’s workshop: “The Four Limitless Qualities – Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equinamity.”

This is a classic teaching of all major lineages of Buddhism, but is presented in a fashion that can be accessed and put to work by anyone, even Americans. We will have also the new book of Sharon Salzburg on the same subject and a presentation that was made at IDP, and some scientific findings that support this ancient method of achieving personal wellbeing.

    Change of Pace !

– June 21 — in an air conditioned clubhouse –
a special Tuesday movie

At 6 pm we will show Kiki’s Delivery Service, one of my all-time favorite movies produced by Hayao Miyazaki, in English. You will leave smiling.

The Clubhouse will be closed on Thursday, June 23.

Thursday June 30, at noontime, we will rerun the movie David versus Monsanto.

On the first Tuesday of July we are trying to decide whether to show:
Journey to Planet Earth – or
The Corporation

The Peach Clubhouse is located in Bryan at 1110 Justine Street. Justine is one block off of Texas, you have to turn off Texas at 17th.

Our Benicia Tentacle

Growing a Community Garden. See if you can pick out a brother, photos by Marilyn.

Foes of Destructive Fracking – #1

Bare Bones Biology 059 – Natural law

Just like your body, the living earth ecosystem contains fail-safe mechanisms that retain the basic essential activities of all life. These mechanisms are the flow of energy through the system, the recycling of the materials of which they are composed, and their ability to respond to change inside or outside of themselves.

Your body or the living earth ecosystem or an individual cell or any organism – any living thing – we all require balance among these essential life processes, and the myriad of sub-processes that function to keep us alive. All these processes are built around the unchanging laws that make the universe what it is. These include: the basic law of energy (energy is the ability to make things happen – energy only flows naturally from higher to lower levels – high-energy to low-energy); the basic laws of time and cause and effect (actions have consequences and you can’t go back and undo either the action or the consequences); the law of gravity (what goes up must come down); that sort of thing.

To assume that humans can change these basic natural laws is – there are no words for this level of hubris. We are not God and we cannot change the basic laws of the universe as they have functioned from the beginning of the creation. Even God couldn’t change these natural laws without destroying life, because life is built around the natural laws.

For example, your body and the living earth ecosystem do not tolerate Ponzi schemes. It is the basic law of the universe that energy flows only from high to low. Ponzi schemes grow from lower to higher to higher to higher until finally they topple over to a lower level of energy than where they started, because energy, or goods, or money, do not naturally flow from lower to higher levels. Ponzi schemes never work because they are contrary to nature.

The law of gravity does not care if George fell off the empire state building or was thrown off or tripped by accident. The result will be the same. Energy flowing to a lower level. Splat on the road below

The law of cause and effect does not care if your motivation is compassion or hatred, if there is not enough food energy to keep all the people alive, then someone dies. Ask the Donner party. Ask the people who have been stranded on lifeboats in mid-ocean.

The basic laws that permit life on earth to exist do not care about human emotions. They don’t even care who wins. They only are. They are functioning to maintain the balance of all the processes that interact to permit life to exist on earth.

People do care about these things. Because people do care, and because people have no power to control God or the ecosystem, therefore it is up to the people to adjust to the reality of the higher power. We can not have whatever we want or whatever we can imagine. We only can have what is possible without destroying other living things. Because our lives depend upon their lives.

We people are now in the middle of making that kind of decision for the future of all human kind. We know the system is not working. We are trying to change the system. We are trying to change it by win/lose confrontations. The system IS win/lose confrontations. We can’t change win/lose confrontations by using win/lose confrontations. If we want change, we will have to decide to change.

We have the knowledge, the expertise, the brain power, the technologies and several wisdom traditions to guide us, and the interesting thing is we are nevertheless choosing to scrape off the mountaintops for our own use without regard to the needs of any other living thing including our grandchildren and the whole living ecosystem.

Bare Bones Biology 059 – Natural Law
KEOS radio, 89.1 FM
download audio later this week from http://www.barebonesbiology.com

“What the Frack”

How timely can we be???

Tomorrow is the “fracking tour” at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 2:00 pm (if you want to see the movie) and more or less an hour later if you want to only meet with the three people who are coming along to talk with us about this, including the Mayor of Dish, Texas who has some experiences that sound a little bit similar to — well come and hear him talk about it.

AND what do we see in the Texas Observer but a basically upfront report on the fracking discussion in Austin. Maybe not much, but something. I personally think it would be better to learn the facts about the process rather than rely on the propaganda. I’m not saying Texas Observer is propaganda, but I have seen in other places lies on all sides of the issue. So I’m looking forward to having someone to discuss it with tomorrow at the Unitarian Universalist meeting hall.