Bare Bones Biology 061 – Fracking II

“A lot of the issues that affect this industry, every industry is having problems, and that goes into agriculture, that goes into everything. This is not just a problem for this industry, this is every single industry. How are people in my generation who are completely apathetic and feel there is nothing we do that matters . . ?”

Yes indeed, every industry is having problems. Of course they’re having problems, because industries are not more powerful than God, and they’re not more powerful than nature. And for at least the past 200 years, they’ve been behaving as though they think they are. The question is, what do you propose to do about it?

If you want what you want, regardless of what the living earth needs, then you will make it worse. Whatever your reasons, emotions, opinions, intentions, desires, wars, tantrums, Presidents, cannot change what the earth needs to stay alive. The living earth does not operate according to whatever people want.

If you mean to force the world to operate the way you think it should, then the answer still is that you cannot. If you mean how can you have yours, regardless of who must pay the price, that behavior will end soon, because the corposystem has already destroyed a large portion of what the earth needs to provide for your needs, and your generation is about to pay the price.

If you mean you are very angry because the corposystem — your culture, in which you deeply believed – probably still believe – has been lying to you, then I don’t blame you. So am I. But being angry will not change what we have done. Neither will blaming someone nor griping nor apathy nor doing nothing. No living thing on this earth has ever had the power to get whatever it wants, over the long term, without doing what is required to get it. And that requires first knowing what you want, and second knowing what is the problem, and third knowing what is possible and what is not possible on the small surface of this tiny living planet.

I’ll take up those issues next time. This time, I’m blowing off steam.

We can not improve life on earth using the laws of physics or engineering or mechanics or technology to suck the life out of this living planet. The living planet is many levels of organization more complicated than physics or engineering or mechanics or even the new biological technologies. If we ignore the requirements of life because we think physics is more powerful or less complicated — then physics will survive because physics represents a real law of nature. But life will not survive.

Physics functions just fine on the sun and the moon and earth, but life on earth is more than the laws of physics, and it will not survive if we take away what it needs to survive, which is mostly a balance among all its parts.

In fact, life on earth is not surviving in good health, as you clearly describe when you say all the industries are failing. But I think your focus is failing. Water is not an industry; air is not an industry; soil is not an industry. These things are the products of a healthy living earth. Yes, they are failing, because the living earth is not healthy.

If you want all that living ecosystem to stop being sick and suddenly start to do what you want it to do? Ahhhhh, should we try force? A revolution? A war against the ecosystem? We’ve been doing that for the past 200 years. For 100 years at least we have very clearly understood the problem. We have known what we have to do to fix it. We don’t want to do it. So we just throw another technological tantrum and complain because it only makes the earth sicker.

I don’t blame you for being angry; I am angry too, knowing all my life how we could help this earth back toward health and watching our children throwing technological tantrums because – they want what they want – but they won’t do what it takes to get it.

Bare Bones Biology 061 – Fracking II
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