Did you Think it was About People?

If you follow TomDispatch, they ran an what shall we say – the guy was trying to prove that he is sophisticated by showing that he was not? (Lapham) Using the cleverest of word combinations. I couldn’t resist answering.

“Nice to be able to talk funny but the answer is there will be neither food nor money. In the first place food has a history of millions of years since the first animal ate something, and in the second place money does not exist — or at least has no value — unless it represents goods, and all goods that relate to life come ultimately from growing plants. Especially organic food energy that people require to stay alive and can not get anywhere else in the whole universe (we tried). When the crash comes it will be because we ran out of goods. Because we don’t have enough photosynthetic capacity to produce enough organic food energy to keep the earth ecosystem healthy. Because people ate it right out of balance.

Did you think it was about fig newtons? It’s about the ecosystem staying in balance.”

Doesn’t it make you think of old whatsisname playing around while Rome was burning? That we care more about our sophistication than we do about our one and only home?

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