Peach Clubhouse Newsletter – 110607

    Fracking Tour

Everyone surely has by now heard about the Fracking Tour that is sponsored by the Our little network is providing local physical support for their presentation at the UU Church at 2 pm on Sunday June 12. One reason we became interested is that we showed the movie Gasland at the Peach Clubhouse and found it worth our attention. The movie will be shown again at the UU for the benefit of everyone, and will be followed by discussion with people who have personal experience with fracking. Our mutual goal is to sort out the truth from the propaganda and to consider the long-term welfare of our descendants upon this living earth. Check details at the Facebook page: The Dark Side of the Boom. Or check the poster at Norval Sells’ feed store, the Village Café, and many other places around the towns.

    Friday Insight Meditation Group – New Series

A new series of discussions in the meditation room at the Peach Clubhouse will begin this Friday June 10 at 2 pm (for about two hours) sponsored by Insight Meditation group. Please try to arrive early or on time, and if late just walk in and join the first half hour of meditation. Following meditation we will share the audio of Pema Chodron’s workshop: “The Four Limitless Qualities – Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equinamity.”

This is a classic teaching of all major lineages of Buddhism, but is presented in a fashion that can be accessed and put to work by anyone, even Americans. We will have also the new book of Sharon Salzburg on the same subject and a presentation that was made at IDP, and some scientific findings that support this ancient method of achieving personal well-being both by growing one’s own positive side and also as antidotes for those times when we can’t seem to get our minds off some negative something that just keeps swirling around in there.

The Insight meditation group meets three times a week, on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. On Sunday and Wednesday, the group meets at the UU, which is central in College Station. On Friday at the Peach Clubhouse, at 2 pm for two hours for the duration of this study (about 8 weeks) and then we will revert to the regular 3 pm (one-hour) meditation meet-up. If you don’t know how to meditate you should come anyway. If you want to sit on the floor and have your own pillow, bring it along.

    Thursday Pick-me-up Movie

I’m thinking about selecting one of the BBC programs on the Earth to play on Thursday at noontime with my lunch. Or maybe Playing for Change. Pop on over if you want to see something nice with lunch. If you arrive after noon, however, I might be gone.


I will not be at the Peach Clubhouse in the morning, as normally scheduled, because of preparing for the Fracking presentation. After the meditation event I’ll probably drop over to listen to the Marian Anderson Quartet. I’ve been trying to catch one of their programs since the first time I knew they were here.

    Next week

If anyone wants a replay of any of our movies on Thursday noon – and of course on Friday the second session of Limitless Qualities and a guided meditation by Tim Olmstead who supported Pema Chodron at the retreat.

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