Mother the Film, Premiered at the Peach Clubhouse

We premiered the movie “Mother” last night at the Peach Clubhouse. It is as good as I thought it would be. The treatment is straightforward: as you know I have three films on this subject that I won’t show because of overt or sneaky special-interest propaganda, and that is not a problem with this film. The brief history of the population control movement was reminiscent for me, but probably will be informative for most people who weren’t there. There are so many false rumors about that time in our lives, it’s nice to have some straight reporting available. And then the movie proposed some possible actions that are likely to do more good than harm.

Personally I think the most obvious and immediate possible action would be to provide birth control for every family on earth that wants it. It would also put a lot of people to work and strengthen the economy in the area of doing good rather than harm for communities around the world. Probably that would have a positive effect on the number of unwanted children in the neighborhood of 20%. Nothing is stopping us but our own disbelief in the reality of our dilemma. Or perhaps a failure of our compassion for those who are suffering the results of our previous inaction. After all, we are the ones with the technologies and access to help people in those kinds of ways and it seems a better population control method than dropping bombs. But until we are ready to talk about the options, we can get a good overview of the problem by watching “Mother.”

Don’t forget, this film and any other in our library is available for viewing on a Tuesday night or a Thursday noontime. just ask. Except the Peach Clubhouse will not be showing movies on the week surrounding the Fracking Tour. Our regular schedule will resume on June 28 (or the previous Thursday by request). Maybe we will show World on Edge, that follows Lester Browns discussions about climate with several heads of state around the world. What do you think?

Meantime, here are a couple of quotes from other viewers of Mother:

“A child and family friendly film.”

“I would show this movie to someone who disagrees with me on the subject so that we could have a discussion about our common needs and values.”

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