Peach Clubhouse Newsletter 110528

Tuesday, May 31, 6 pm, the Peach Clubhouse is privileged to present the premiere of MOTHER, the film.

You probably know that I have been looking for a movie about population that I’m willing to show. It must be factually accurate, and it can’t be a movie that just tries to scare people to make money. HOHOHO – here we have it – and we will be the premiere screening!

The story line documents a number of problems associated with human overpopulation. We do know that we have problems. So then the movie describes the travels of a young advocate for children’s rights as she searches for solutions. MOTHER is factually accurate and well thought out. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Not coincidentally, the showing of this film coincides with the current two episodes of Bare Bones Biology that describe the results of my little study of Planned Parenthood volunteers.

Friday June 3 at 3 pm at the Peach Clubhouse the Insight Meditation group will begin a review of the workshop recently presented by Pema Chodron at Omega Institute. Meditate first, review after.

Sunday June 12, 2 pm at the Unitarian Uiversalist Church will be presented by the Texas Drought Project. The fracking tour begins in Cuero, and ends in College Station. It features the movie Gasland along with the personal commentaries of people who have first-hand experience with fracking. Fracking is a process that breaks up the underground layers of rock to release natural gas. Maps are available on my blog, on the right hand side, that show the areas of fracking and the areas of our water resources. This is only one of the concerns about fracking. Sooner or later we as a human population will need to decide whether or not we want to leave any resources (gas, oil, water, food) for the coming generations. I say yes, and I say we should begin not later than now. The fracking tour will bring us the information wee need to help us do this. One thing you can do to help is distribute the flyer attached and “like” the facebook page, .The Dark Side of the Boom.

WooWoo – Central A/C is coming to the Peach Clubhouse, but I’m not sure when.