Naomi Klein

She says it best:

Half of us are in denial about climate change, while the other half are in denial about the concerns of the first half. Naomi Klein explains those who feel threatened by “science” actually are threatened by the loss of their world view of the freedom of our “democratic” way of life.

My view is that, no human person has (or should have) unfettered freedom, and particularly we do not have freedom to do whatever we choose to the ecosystem without severe repercussions, and that is a reality no human can control. Science (basic science, not technology) is and always has been a TOOL that helps us to UNDERSTAND The Creation, as it is and as it was created. Basic science is a window through which we can view The Creation. Science can not change anything about the innate rules (presumably set up by God — and I don’t think God says anything about people having freedom to do anything they want to do). Basic science simply REPORTS the rules that permit the ecosystem to function. Basic science doesn’t CHANGE anything, from whenever was the beginning of our time. The best science can do is tell us when we are threatening our own freedoms by trashing the opportunities that were given to us in our earthly Garden of Eden.