What we are “fighting for” is a slow decline — not a complete and tragic shattering and loss of the “progress” we have made. The decline is inevitable, because we have, in the past ten years or so, overgrown the resources that can be provided by the ecosystem. But either kind of decline is still possible. This time period, as Karen Armstrong has said, is similar to the age in which the human cultures took a sharp turn toward monotheism (which may have been based in the roots of Buddhism, and certainly was based in India). We have the same kind of opportunity that they had to grow a culture that will lead to sustainable survival. To do this, we must stop dividing into clans that fight with each other and learn to organize compassionately at a high level of organization (for example the whole world order) — or break up into smaller groups so we can organize compassionately around them, as Helena Norberg-Hodge envisions. The problem with monotheism is that that we have created a corposystem that has taken over the job of God and does not respond to human values. The biggest and most powerful idol of all time. If we want to have a God that we can touch and feel, it must be the ecosystem, not the corposystem. Otherwise, we must listen as our God requires compassion as our life style. Or else we will crash and splinter of our own accord as the corposystem is not likely to quietly subside, and the corposystem basically feeds on war, greed and human values.

That’s why we must “fight” for a slow decline by not fighting. Nobody ever wins a fight except the corposystem and the Gods of War. The good news is that we do have the technological knowledge to accomplish a slow decline to the point of sustainable balance. The only thing that stands in our way is greed, war and the corposystem. We must not use any of these as a way to accomplish the goal of peace, compassion and the positive use of technology. To avoid this, we need to understand what is happening and how the corposystem is using what is happening to keep itself alive. It has switched from using the resources of he good earth to help humans to now using human resources to help itself to grow.