Bare Bones Biology 044 – Proposal

For everyone who wants to know what you and I can do to help human kind and the ecosystem, here’s my proposal.

First, we need each to verbalize and state in writing and discuss together our long-term goals for the future of our children’s children. We need a goal for the same reason corporations do – to keep us on the same page and prevent us all running off in different directions at the same time – going nowhere. My goal is to make the world better, rather than worse, for my being here.

Next, it’s time to stop with the egos and learn to tell the difference between measurable facts, opinions, faith and propaganda. It’s time to understand that measurable facts (when they are available) are real things that are not affected by our opinions.

Third, we must start considering the multiple possible solutions to every problem and start discussing these – and stop arguing or fighting over false dichotomies. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose anything, because there isn’t one solution to any problem. Once we discuss our long-term goals, and our dilemmas, we will find that we the people mostly want the same things, and that most of our fights and arguments are being artificially generated by somebody else who has a goal that’s altogether different from our own long-term goal or the one we are fighting over.

Fourth, we need to listen to each other, what we say. Not what you think I would have meant if I had said something that I didn’t say.

That’s the basics. Nothing new there. You may think these too trivial to actually do when we have important matters to consider. Maybe so. I think, if we just did those things, we would change the whole world. But its true that we need at least two more parts to grow a sustainable society: the first is a factual understanding of how life really functions, and the second is a commitment to kindness in all our activities.

First, every person with every goal, especially those involving human compassion or sociology, needs to learn the basic facts about what keeps physical life physically alive within the physical ecosystem. Especially, we need to understand that the ecosystem does not operate by human values. We can not grow a healthy physical environment using only our human values. And we cannot live without a healthy ecosystem.

Second, every person with every goal, especially those who deal in politics, science, economics or technology. We all need to learn everything we can about the best of our human values, that is compassion, or kindness — and we need to support, and learn to understand, the ongoing efforts of people like the Dalai Lama and Karen Armstrong, and hundreds of others who are working under the radar in your own area. And stop supporting the worst of our human values. Fighting can sometimes temporarily stop something, but hating never solves problems, and neither does fear.

If anyone tries to frighten you into compliance with any unhelpful act, think about the measurable facts of the situation, and about our common goal, and step up to the plate and be counted, individually, for a sustainable human presence with a rewarding quality of life, unto the seventh generation. Or the seven hundredth.

We have many uncomfortable choices in our one lifetime, because we do have free will. We also have our fine human brain, and a compassionate instinct that makes us want to help, so we really can’t do nothing. And even though we need to heal the ecosystem, and the ecosystem problems look humongous, you and I are not responsible for what we can NOT do, or for what other people should do. We are only responsible for what we CAN do. And anyone can do that. And I think we should.

Bare Bones Biology 044 – Proposal
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