I heard that the Saint Mother Theresa used to pray for four hours every morning.
I heard (on tape) the Dalai Lama say that he does his meditation practice four hours every morning.

Is there a difference (humanly, I mean), is the human person doing a different thing when meditating than when praying? I doubt it. I’ve been told, when I tried to understand what we mean by meditation, because I wanted to do it, and every description seemed to be different. I was told: “There are many different kinds of meditation.”

“What?” I asked. “What are they?”

I think one of them is prayer.

Lately I’ve spent some time watching videos for a “book review” (OK, video review) group study.

I think television is also a form of meditation.

If so, we are in bad trouble, because the mass media are mostly teaching us art of suffering and how to cause suffering in the world.