Yes, the person will remain nameless but she is nobody you know. An interviewer who, with scorn in her voice proclaimed: “Some of their adherents predict a drastically reduced standard of living in the wake of the global economic collapse and we should be storing food and . . ., but there are a lot of people in the world, and I am one of them, who need more things, need more financial security. We’re not going to hear a ‘you’ve got to learn to live with less, power down lower your expectations’ kind of message.” Then she goes on to talk about people who are poverty stricken.

Please someone bring back Bill Moyers and I will start donating again to public radio, TV and internet. Oh. Of course. That’s why the corposystem is trying to get rid of public media.


What I say to her is THIMK! Her own words display her ignorance and (much worse) selfishness. She needs more things! She won’t accept less! So? Where is she planning to get them? From those impoverished people? I think we already took pretty much all they have to give.

It makes no difference to the outcome whether she is willing to “hear” the message, except it will happen faster. Who does she think we are trying to save, if not her? Certainly not me. I already have more things and I don’t plan to be around when the shit hits the fan, but I bet she will be.

If I were not such a kind and compassionate person I would be having little daydreams of how she will feel when she really understands what’s happening and that she is IT. Reportedly, the fundamentalist preacher Rev. Richard Sizik, of the National Association of Evangelicals has recently noticed that these facts are real facts, and the realization reportedly shook him to his religious roots. I say it’s about time; thank you God and why wasn’t Sizik listening to the messengers of God’s green earth in the first place? Never mind, we do not need to fight over this. We need to fix it.

So I’ll at least try to include both the silly twit and the reverend in my morning devotionals. May they be happy.

For the past few years I have been working more than full time and spending retirement money on the effort to explain to people that we are in a real biological emergency of unpredictable magnitude. (If you don’t agree with this, you are not well informed and you should come talk to me, but that’s another story.) So in my daily life, I don’t have time nor inclination for politics, unless it is a real emergency where it seems I can make a difference. Why? Because I do not believe that war of any kind will improve our human predicament, biologically or otherwise. And our American politics today is not a lot different from war. So rahrah let’s win this battle slogans only depress me. Nobody ever wins in a war. Not even the rich capitalist.

But there is hope. Today I heard two programs, in one day, in which people actually discussed real issues that could change this roadblock that America has thrown up against biological sanity. First was on Sierra Club Radio, where the moderator was so courageous as to use the word “growth” as problematic. Second was New Dimensions on the subject of sanity in politics. Meaning. People actually talking to each other and discussing issues. Hooray for both.