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Bare Bones Biology 042-God, Earth, Human

The other day I saw a billboard picture of a troubled man talking on the telephone with a “direct line to God.” I think it’s possible that we may all have a direct line to God. But, I also think that no human person IS God, therefore no human person completely understands God, and definitely we do not connect with an old-fashioned curly telephone cord. That’s what I think.

Neither does any other part of life connect to God by maybe a power line or a water pipe or any other man-made technology that we can turn on or hang up whenever we choose. Physically, we, and all other living things, are a part of the ongoing cycle of life on earth that is directed by the genetic code contained in every living cell, and is connected to the whole universe by the basic laws of nature — the laws of thermodynamics and aerodynamics, the law of cause and effect, the law of gravity — and by maintaining the balance of all of its parts. Just as our body maintains the balance of its life. By maintaining all its connections. That’s our physical connections, and if we set out to changing them, we ought to understand what we are doing, because we are doing it to the whole living earth, and we are not God.

Humans can not change the basic physical laws of the universe. We are not an omnipotent God to create the balanced cycle of life – we are an intermediate part of the cycle, bigger than a cell and smaller than the whole green, living earth. We are not an omniscient God, either, to know what is best for the future. We don’t even know very much about how the whole system functions. We definitely don’t know enough to improve on it. And God has not given us the responsibility to decide what that future should be. He gave us the responsibility to nurture life in his image. Not to change it forever in our own image. Or to trash this living green earth that was entrusted to our stewardship. No human technology has the power to change the universal laws of nature, but we do have the power to destroy. And we have free will, either to obey the universal laws, or to learn from our mistakes, or to die, or kill with our mistakes.

Life maintains its balance gloriously — the water recycling, the oxygen and other molecules recycling, the atmosphere circulating, the green organisms reproducing themselves to constantly produce organic food energy, the other organisms reproducing themselves to carry the organic food energy and the code of life to every corner of the great green earth and clean up after us all. We are part of the cycle: an influential part, but certainly not an essential part. Presumably God created the cycle, or the natural laws, or both. Our responsibility is reverence and stewardship toward the balance that is life.

We are failing that responsibility, we have drastically damaged the balance of life on earth in ways that we can’t even begin to predict the results. We will suffer the results of our mistake. It’s too late to avoid that. But we still have the choice to learn from it.

So the question we now face is: What should we do about this ecological problem that in our arrogance we have created? And here we get arguments based in personal opinions. Some opinions are excuses to not do anything, others are confusions, still others are commitments, and some people are waiting around for a simple answer.

We all know that you care as much as I do about solving our ecological, especially as it is your children and grandchildren who will experience the results. But I may have spent more time and energy studying possible answers. I have directly studied the natural laws of biology during all of my career, and over the past ten years I have especially paid attention to this question. What should we do about this ecological problem that in our arrogance we have created?

Bare Bones Biology 042 – God, Earth, Human

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