Survival of the Fittest

My huge betrayal in the year 2000 and especially 2003 changed everything about my life and since that time I have resented my culture that lied to me. (American dream and all that.) I woke up this morning realizing I had been lying to myself. Yes indeed my culture lied to me, and has been going really overboard ever since that time in its efforts to refute the obvious and confuse the innocent. However, whether or not my culture lied to me — I did not have to believe in it. I believed it because I wanted to, and because we are rich enough in this culture to believe anything we want to believe. It was never true; if I had checked, outside my field, it was not in accord with measurable facts. Could not be true.

Choosing a subject that I do know about — if life is to live positively, it must be in accord with the basic laws of physics and the emergent properties of life that were created by nature (God) — or life won’t fly. Any life form that interferes with the balance of all life forms will not survive. The excuse of “survival of the fittest” is a perfect example of another false idea that people, especially economists, choose to believe because they want to. Nobody is God to understand ecological fitness, but we do know for a fact that ecological fitness is not fitness if it throws the ecosystem out of balance. So we just make up stories.

Am I happier now, knowing the dirty truth about us?

I’m not less happy — and the truth gives me more power to make a positive difference for the future of human kind. Or not, but at least my contribution won’t be negative. Living in fear; living in hatred or anger; living a life I don’t want to empower in the world; these are not useful to me or to a more positive future.

“The truth will make you free” to make a positive difference. Continuing to believe lies: “there is no global warming,” “we need to grow the population to make a healthy earth.” Believing lies like that because we WANT TO believe them when the accurate reality is known — that is a crime against the children, because the facts are available. And because the only time our actions can be taken is NOW — the only power that we have is NOW, and we owe our power now to the future of our children. Believing in physical realities that are clearly proven to be otherwise is lying to the children.

Continuing to believe and live within the best of our human values is not a lie — it is our faith, growing a sustainable future.

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