It turns out I can conceivably watch a video using my digital device if I’m patient and really want to watch it, and this is very nice and, as you say, interesting. (See link at end, I couldn’t find an embed code).

However, I really get tired of finding some project that has so very much to offer, that (now I didn’t watch the final three programs) that claims to be the solution to all our problems. That isn’t and could not be. Yes, indeed, the solutions to all our problems are in a garden as he says. The original garden that was this earth before we stripped it bare. And yes indeed his program is absolutely wonderful and might give us another year or two of leeway before overpopulation overcomes his gardens as it has the original garden. But if he thinks he can solve the population problem with his gardens — or if he thinks the gsrdens can save us all without regulating population — then his brain is full of fairy tales where there should be serious consideration and a knowledge of the implications of the second law of thermodynamics.

It is so very discouraging to hear people who are more interested in self-promotion than they are in understanding how their system could fit into the real solution. He says:

“This is inspiring, practical work – the kind of work that should be encouraged, supported and emulated worldwide. It is the ultimate root-cause type of aid work.”

His work does not address the root cause — not at all — and to claim that it does is not helping the situation, even though his methods could help the situation if would also address the root cause as we desperately try to deal with symptoms. It is very discouraging for someone like me to watch this kind of (lovely videos by the way) and know that he COULD be right if only he would involve himself also in the other two actions that are absolutely necessary if we are to “solve all our problems.”

1. We must grow a culture of sustainable human values;
2. We must reduce our populations to sustainable levels and find ways to keep them there, or we will indeed be maggots eating the plants down to their very roots. We already are in many places of the world.

Maybe he thinks if he builds gardens the population will automatically adjust to the productivity of the garden. THIMK. If that were the case how come it didn’t?

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