You know what I think is silly? I think it’s silly to separate everything under different labels. For example, if you take the time to learn the basic underlying meaning of Karma, it sure sounds to me like the universal natural law of cause and effect, expressed in an analytical setting that was useful for the people who were doing the analyzing, and helped them to avoid getting into trouble in their lives, just as a street light, for example, helps us not to crash into each other. If you go flying through a red light, then the effect of your action is likely to be unpleasant, so it’s a useful bit of knowledge that red lights are there to help you avoid pain. But the law of cause and effect is not limited to Buddhism. It’s universal. We can all learn from the reality of the law, even if we don’t necessarily connect with the cultural details of how it is explained to us by a Buddhist. And if we don’t — if we are determined that we know better than 2500 years of life experience — well then we will make a lot of mistakes and some of them are likely to be quite unpleasant.

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