Here’s the question about emptiness.
If I don’t exist
And you don’t exist
Then why is it so important
That you should be better than me?

Here’s the question about compassion.
How can you not care
About other people’s passions
And claim to be compassionate?

Here’s the question about enlightenment.
It feels good.

Well duhhh, of course it does.
It’s a very effective excuse
To do whatever we damn well please
While denying our human responsibilities
To other human people
And to every corner
Of the miracle of Life.

What is the function of Buddhism with its karma ,
And Christianity and Islam
with their threat of a dreadful God?
Or a cuddly God who will do
Whatever we ask him to do?
And the corposystem and its technology?
And New Age and Wicken, and democracy.
And all the rest?
What is the function
of all these human constructs?

They are metaphors
For our basic human delusion of
Power over nature
and the inexorable natural law
of cause and effect.
They justify our thirst for freedom,
regardless of the consequences.

It’s not reality.
Not for me.

I am woman;
I see both sides to power.
And I reject them both.

It’s the one important fact,
If we choose to grow a future for mankind,
that remains for us to learn.

We are no more than
micro-bits of nature,
And the Creation
does not care about our power.

But it’s not important, is it, what we are?
Why does it distress you so?

Not me.
I am woman; I am creation;
Creation does not ask to be.
It builds its future on reality.

We are a miracle; a fact; an impossibility.

But we are real.
And so is the harm we cause
To other living things.
And so is the guilt that we would feel
But for excuses and justifications
that are built into our power games.

I have no power; you have no power.
We are no more than the smallest cells
in the big toe of the ecosystem,
which is a micro-dot on the fringes of the universe.

Every thoughtful scientist knows this
and wants to help.

So if, by any long chance,
That is what you really mean by emptiness,
Then what I do not understand is why you lied to me
When I was almost ready to believe.