Bare Bones Biology Transcript 027. Personal Freedom.

When I began my quest for a way to help the ecosystem and the people in it, I said I wanted to find an action that I could support that is not causing harm to the ecosystem. I wanted to find something where I could actually work to benefit us all, and I wanted someone else to lead the charge.

The first result of my quest was that my mailbox filled up with the bodies of dead trees. Green plants, you will remember, are the source of ALL the organic energy to run the entire ecosystem, including the paper and envelopes used by enormous rich NGO’s to try to get their hands on a share my social security benefits. They do this mostly with pictures of big-eyed babies who are suffering from something, and they use this method because some research has shown that we respond with instinctive compassion to pictures of big-eyed babies. I know I do. But. Mind over emotions, I do not respond unless the requests also make logical sense, so most of these went directly from my mailbox into the trash. Because we don’t recycle white paper in Bryan. What a waste. And similarly with my email.

But finally I picked three or four or so and sent them a couple of dollars. They were not happy with my contribution and so they asked for more. And more and more and more until I gave up. And the last thing they want is what I really had to give, which is a contribution of effort; they don’t even answer that kind of letters, so pretty soon my trash was nearly flowing over with these dead trees, and I gave up that approach to helping human kind and the ecosystem.

They caught on to this and began to phone.

(sound of ringer)

“Hello, I’m MG. I’m calling on behalf of Senator ______.”

“I don’t take political phone calls at home.”

MG sounded astonished. But how could that be? First, I am (or was) on the no-call list, and second it’s fairly insulting that she thinks I can’t think without her help. It’s the win/lose con game. Only this is on my personal time in my personal home.

And that’s why, if you want to give me a call, nobody answers the telephone except that perky little lady on the answering machine.

Maybe they don’t need me, I thought. Maybe it’s just my ego. Maybe I should just stay home and potter around in the back yard and enjoy myself. Maybe listen to a little recreational television. So I turned on the TV.

Some sweet young thing who obviously knows nothing at all of what she’s talking about told me that what we need, to solve our problems, is growth – and we would have everything we want except it’s China’s fault that we don’t.

They aren’t even trying to be logical. I couldn’t believe it

So I turned off the TV and talked to the people. They have problems. Everybody has problems. But I don’t see a lot of problem-solving going on, and, I keep repeating, I want to do something worthwhile. Making more problems is not worthwhile. Solving them, would be. If I must choose between making problems worse, or pottering around in my back yard, I think I’d rather potter. Still. Mostly what I hear around me is excuses to not try to solve problems.

For Example:
“It’s (someone else’s) fault.”
“Whose fault is it?”
“We’d like to know what is fair” (so we don’t have to think about how to solve it, which is hard and never fair.)
“Aint it awful (anything)”
“They are wrong and we are right.”
“I don’t believe you.” (The answer to this is “why not” and you might have a good conversation.)
“Everyone has a right to her own opinion.” (so I don’t have to think about yours).
“The facts keep changing” (bullhockey, it is the words that change. Words are not facts.)
“What would you do?” (This is supposed to be a trap question to shut you up. I didn’t know this. It worked. So have an answer ready for discussion.)
“On the other hand.” (we can think about the reasons something happened rather than address the solution)
“I know exactly what you mean.” (you do ????????? I barely can believe that.)
“I can’t understand biology.”
“I already understand biology.” (easy to believe, hard to do, given that the media and the school system give a false story. That is, they lie or make up pretty fairy tales to sell stuff.)
“Opinion is equally divided” – right – scientists on one side, oil companies on the other.
Or we would rather talk about something irrelevant. Perfect example the recent murder trial claim that the killer is a “fine young man.” Uh! So? The question is whether or not he murdered the girl.
Or, a really silly one, “Let’s wait and see.” The longer we wait the fewer the options.

Of course the solution to ALL of the above, which are conversations I have had, is to define your goal and talk about that during your problem-solving time. My goal is to not make the ecosystem worse for me having been here. What that means in practice is that the ecosystem maintains its own balance — that’s what ecosystems do. My job is to not upset the balance.

And again, I do not like to be manipulated, and these kinds of word games do more than just waste our time.

And one more thing we should all consider. These kinds of word games do more than waste our time. They are also used, and intentionally used, to distract our attention away from the real issues that caused the problems in the first place, and keep us busy doing something that does not solve the problem that the corposystem does not want us to solve. Because it’s a machine — the corposystem — a humongous computer with its goals programmed into it — and its goals are growth and profits today. It does not care about ecosystem balance, or about tomorrow, because we failed to program those values into it.

Meantime, I’m afraid that leaves just you and me to solve those pesky problems. Let’s get together and talk about it.

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