My friend Ivy says that God made the ecosystem to function the way it does function. That is, to maintain the balance of it’s requirements for life. I have studied the ecosystem because I am concerned with human suffering. Most people have excus – pardon, reasons – for not paying attention to the basic ecological problems we face today. The most recent one I have heard is that we can change the way in which the ecosystem functions. This reason has three versions: (a) someone has a straight line to God; (b) technology will save us; (c) energies we don’t understand (or I don’t understand) will save us. Not to mention the power angle (can we make a dog? Despite claims to the contrary the answer is no. I say if we can’t make a dog we should not be planning to fiddle around with how the ecosystem functions). But my then my question is whether or not we believe ourselves to have more wisdom than God has. And whether or not God will do what we tell him to do. Up to now, I think He did pretty much what HE thought was right.