Any good propagandist knows that hatred is the child of fear. That’s how/why they set us at each other’s throats. It works like this:

a. WE have a problem. Energy for example.

b. “They” don’t want us to solve the problem.

c. So “they” tell us it’s Jennifer’s fault. Of course energy is energy. It can’t be created or destroyed, and certainly not by Jennifer.

d. But WE start to hate Jennifer anyway, because it’s easier and more fun than solving the problem. Everyone else starts to hate anyone who could hate Jennifer because she obviously didn’t do it, whatever it is.

e. The longer this situation is maintained, the longer the propagandist can continue to profit by it.

Everyone is happy running around blaming everyone else. Life is good and will always be so long as we can maintain this little dance.

Until we run out of energy because WE didn’t solve the problem.

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