Bare Bones Biology Transcript 022 – Population III

So why does the corpo-political propaganda machine want us to grow the population? They say because they want the economy to grow. Well, it’s true that the economy was a lot of fun when we had fewer than 100 people for every 100 energy units the earth ecosystem can produce. But during all this happy time, over the past 40 or 50 years or so at least, we have been borrowing resources from the future by destroying the long-term productivity of the earth to get what we want now, at a time when populations have been exploding and fossil energy sources are past their peak of productivity. We are a living Ponzi scheme, and you know what happens to Ponzi schemes. Our remaining options, because our parents didn’t do it, is to let our Ponzi shrink slowly back to a sustainable level and then hold it there. Or the other option is a really big crash when the shit hits the fan.

You probably know what a Ponzi scheme is. Basically it means selling stuff that doesn’t exist. If you sold a house to someone for $50,000 and then you turned around and sold it to someone else for $50,000, that would be Ponzi economics. The seller gets $100,000 for a house that is worth $50,000. It’s an upside-down pyramid. The right-side up pyramid is one of the most stable organizations in nature, (and remember we are a part of nature. We tried to get away, with the space program, but it didn’t work, did it?). Oh yes, the pyramid, you have to have the base on the bottom, to hold up the tippy top, or it just doesn’t work.

So in a nutshell, that is why the corpo-political propagandists want us to make more babies, to give them the base they need so they can stay on the tippy top of some building in Manhattan. They are farming us like cattle, only for our money rather than our meat.

But – wait – there is a flaw in their reasoning (and it is by the way the flaw in the entire structure of our modern economic system, but we can discuss that later). The problem is that the ecosystem is not about people, and we the people are not at its base. The base of this whole system is organic energy in the form of food and fuel. The plants are at the base of the pyramid of life, not us. We are about halfway up. If the guys at the top of the economy think they can control the ecology, they are brain dead. We people, with all our technologies, do not control how much organic energy the plants of all the earth can produce. We can fiddle with it, but we can’t set the maximum limit.

So I don’t want to describe the biological research about overpopulation, except to say if we continue to grow the population beyond the available resources, then the economy will crash ANYWAY, so that goal doesn’t make sense from either side of the picture. Economic growth and population growth are two sides of the same problem. There is no point trying to solve either side by making it bigger because we can not make the earth grow bigger. So we have some tough times ahead of us, but believe me they will be a whole lot tougher if we do nothing or, unbelievably, if we try to cure the problem of growth by making more growth. Our responsibility is to the future, and the future has begun.

Now is the time to recognize the corpo-political propaganda agenda for what it is. It is an effort to hook us into the aint-it-awful game, or the blame-placing game, or the baby bird game. Anything to keep us at each other’s throats trying to win something they don’t care about. This is not a time to waste our energy trying to win anything. The only game that will help us to succeed is the problem-solving game.

That’s when we stop asking big bird to solve our problems, and stop screaming at each other just because it feels better than not screaming in tough times — and join together to ask each other the hard questions and listen to our different takes on the answers. Then begin the discussion of solutions, and keep that discuss within the bounds of what is possible inside the ecosystem as it is.

The interesting thing to me is that so many people believe their opinion about this issue can change the issue. The ecosystem doesn’t care about your opinion (or mine) so it would be better to look to as many good facts as possible rather than get mad and try to change reality by winning the war of opinions, because that war is a waste of time. It has no effect on the ecosystem.

For guidance on that point and more facts, you can use my book to explain how the ecosystem really functions, compared with what you may have been told. Or better yet download a copy of the postcarbon reader, limits of growth, by Richard Heinberg. The link is on my blog.

Dr. M. Lynn Lamoreux, at
KEOS, 89.1, Bryan, Texas