Grasshopper Gardens – Toads

Bitsy’s got one of those toads cornered. They are so much FUN to watch. I guess she knows that toads have “nasty glands” on their backs and we shouldn’t eat them, but if you want to try we have a whole herd of them here in Grassopper Gardens. All sizes.
Next Sunday morning on Bare Bones Biology the subject is Emergent Properties. I never hear anyone talk about emergent properties, even though they are probably the most wondrous manifestations of physical reality that we can understand. Well, at least I think so. I love to understand how things work. Especially things that seem to be miraculous. And then there is always another miraculous manifestation hiding behind every one that we learn to understand. It’s like exploring.

6:55 am on KEOS 98.1, and right here on this blog.