Bare Bones Biology 016 Transcript – Fossils are Fun

Everyone knows that fossils are fun. And they are really good for starting all sorts of arguments and scare stories. But now that we know how evolution really works, it seems like it would be more useful to stop playing silly survival of the fittest games and start giving the ecosystem what she needs to survive. Because when you boil it all down, that is what “fittest” means to the ecosystem. The ability to survive in the conditions that exist. And we will not survive if we kill off the ecosystem or force her to kill us off.

In other words, to repeat my quote from Werner von Braun: “The universe is hostile only when you do not know its laws. For those who know and obey, the universe is friendly.”

In fact we do know, and we aren’t even trying to obey. From what I can see, most of the people are trying to prove that they know more than most of the other people. But, the people did not design this ecosystem. How can anyone know anything if they only listen to people? The ecosystem does not function by human ethics or design. The ecosystem functions by balance among all the gene pools of all the different species that do all the different jobs of generating organic energy, circulating it through the ecosystem, and at the same time recycling all the elements and compounds that are necessary for the balance of life. Evolution is the process that maintains this balance.

It’s not about survival of the fittest; it’s about survival of the whole ecosystem. If the so-called “fittest” become so dominant that they crash the whole system, then, they were not the fittest. They were possibly — Enron, or maybe the dinosaurs. We don’t know, and we can’t tell by fossils.

So while fossils are fun, I think it’s a whole lot more useful to know how the living earth maintains her balance and help her to do this, than to fight over whether Neanderthal genes or Woolly Mammoth genes exist. Survival of the fittest is a stupid excuse for human excess. The ecosystem survives by maintaining a sustainable balance among all her parts, not by the superiority of one part over another. It’s for this reason that our growth ethic is the biggest threat to life on earth in all of recorded history — at least since the days of the dinosaurs.

Fossils are fun, but it’s simply silly to use them as evidence for or against the fact of evolution when much strong evidence exists. Evolution is necessary for life to exist, in just the same way that your nervous system and your genes are necessary for you to survive. This fact can be demonstrated in a dozen different ways. This is how it works. And if God made this living ecosystem Garden of Eden, then that’s how God made it to work. Because that’s how it does work. And it’s not up to us to tell God how he should have done a better job. All we are doing is throwing his creation off balance.

We can know God by his many, many works, and it’s time for human kind to get together and figure out the difference between what we want and what are the factual needs of our Garden of Eden, and help her to retain her balance, or we very possibly could end up like Mars. Not in my lifetime, but in your children’s children’s.

The ecosystem does not operate according to human power, human technology or human politics, and I think it’s past time that all of us should be paying attention to how she actually does operate.

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