I’m remembering what fun we had yesterday in Grasshopper Gardens. The unmowed acre has a riding trail around it, so we can trot along easily and have a good look at life. Bitsy grew bored, and wandered off to look for rabbits in the Garden. Postdoc and M’Donna were taken by surprise. Usually we just ride around in the arena while they watch. They weren’t watching, and when they realized we were gone, they jerked to the alert and galloped worriedly out to the back of the property to find us, the neighbors’ goats following along the other side of the fence and Bitsy capering around their heels with her weed in her mouth, trying to teach these really not very bright horses how to PLAY. Properly.

We all converged on the back corner, and it looked like such fun that I boosted Mahonia into a long trot and we turned around and rushed back to the water trough, where I stripped the saddle and bridle, Bitsy brought the water hose, and we all had a water party together.

July noon in Texas, what could be better.

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