Letter to Chet Edwards

Hello Folks,

Today is Thursday, our day to talk about Bare Bones Ecology, Chapter 03, The Flow of Information. The BBE post is half written, but I find myself a bit bogged down today, after issuing yesterday the first edition of Bare Bones Biology (the podcast that will eventually parallel BBE and extend beyond). And we are having a runoff election. Check back tomorrow (Friday) for the next post about proteins.

Mostly we stay away from elections lately because this blog is about power, and human politics does not rank high compared with the power of the earth ecosystem. However, it is occasionally necessary to clearly state this fact to the politicians, and today is one of those days. Feel free to share the letter below and adapt it for your politician. Actually, I hope Mr. Edwards wins, because the alternate candidate thinks the real world is centered around human activities (as I discussed in yesterday blog) which is far out even for a politician. But neither one of them can help to pull us out of this hole if they can’t even see the hole.

To: Chet Edwards,

I got the multiple phone calls from your machine, and I comment about that at the end of this letter. More importantly:  You will not convince me of your ability to govern well, by advertising that you have done only two things.

1. Squeeze a lot of money out of the government coffers for use by a local entity that doesn’t need it and can’t manage it to the benefit of the people;
2. Block the use of government money for the welfare of all the people.

Or by telling me why you did these things, because whatever are your reasons, and whether or not they are well intended does not change the facts. We will run out of money unless we change our economic model; we have topped the graph and are on the down side. This is not because of small business or big business or the rich local entity or health care or you.

It is because money comes from resources; resources come from the earth; the earth can not grow; the economy can not grow beyond the limits of the resources, no matter what anyone does, and we have hit the limits of the resources (or thereabouts, it would be silly to quibble about when exactly, and I am not speaking for Mr. Lester Brown — I have my own expertise that supports his). Our economic model is a Ponzi growth scheme that benefits this day at the expense of sustainability.

In the aftermath of all Ponzis, it is the people who suffer. They are already suffering all over the world. The more y’all refuse to talk about these hard and real facts, the worse it will be also for the people here at home as we slide down the wrong side of the growth curve and your power base evaporates with the increase in human suffering. It will happen, just as surely as you can not grow ten horses on a one-acre pasture (unless you have a friend down the road who uses his land resource to grow hay).

You have more responsibility than most people to help generate as soft a landing as possible for us all. If you would stop your love affair with our toxic economic model and begin to think about the long-term facts and implications of its cancerous growth style, I believe you could do a better job of tending to your real responsibility than any of the other candidates.

But I don’t see that happening.

Dr. M. Lynn Lamoreux

And by the way, here is my other complaint: I have been told many times by many people they need not honor the no-call list (ha, another expensive and useless government scam), and then two of them had the nerve to become insulted when I told them I don’t allow other people to use my telephone for their advertising. Or rather, I can’t stop them but I will never, never, never, never do whatever it is they want me to do if they call me up to ask for something, especially if it is a machine that calls me up. Of course, unless you want to donate to my telephone bill.