Without Energy Nothing Happens

I was listening to a podcast about shamanism today while working diligently on the Energy book so I can post it for you ASAP. It was very good, the podcast, from The Interdependence Project, but the man kept using the word energy as though he believes all the different kind of energies are the same sort of phenomenon.

Of course energy is all around us. And all through us now that we have cordless computer connections. Who knows what interesting medical conditions will result. But we can’t get away from energy in any case. Every minute of life pulses with change, growth and movement. Most of that activity is work, and energy makes work possible.

We know that the work of the ecosystem is powered by organic energy, as studied by modern basic science, using measurable facts. We also know that the universe is vibrant with other kinds of energy that we can not study using modern basic science, but the important message of the science of ecology is what we do know factually. The physical life of the ecosystem requires it to maintain a consistent balance between the light energy that the ecosystem uses to generate organic energy, the organic energy that is required for survival on earth, and the heat energy that is released when organic energy is used to do the work of life. The organic energy for our life comes from the food we eat.

Personal Opinion! Sometimes people want to argue about their various experiences with energy. That kind of argument makes me cranky. (Actually, more often they don’t want to talk at all and that makes me even more cranky.) Yes other forms of energy exist that science can not measure. Furthermore, we probably sometimes use the same word “energy” for phenomena that are different from energy as we understand it. Phenomena that can not be measured can not be studied using the scientific method. That doesn’t mean they aren’t real; it also doesn’t mean they are real. It simply is not relevant to our factual knowledge of the ecosystem, and I don’t see the point in arguing over things we do not understand if we are using that argument to avoid dealing with critically important facts that we do understand. Surely there is no shamanic or religious or New Age tradition that would relieve us of our responsibility for stewardship over the welfare of mother earth, and our responsibility to understand the measurable facts about her needs, so that we can know which of our behaviors are helpful and which equally well intended behaviors actually make things worse for the ecosystem.

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