Nothing That Uses Resources Can Grow Forever

Here is another little thought while you wait for Thursday morning when I will post slide number 5 of the series of slides that I used at the HPJC presentation. I will post the entire series on the blog site as a pdf for download when I can figure out how. The book was no help. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. In the meantime, here is a rather depressing thought for the day.

Nothing earthly can grow forever. That is obvious. All money that is worth anything is tied to resources. Most of us know that. If you pay $100 for a pet rock and pet rocks go out of fashion, what you have left is a rock that is worth about $1.00 if it is cute. The rock is not worth $100, your $100 bill was worth about $1. Looking from the other end of the dollar, the oil companies will be getting larger and larger shares of our money as we are now on the down slope of the oil/gas/coal resources available on the earth. If you want a better explanation of this, I recommend the Crash Course of Chris Martenson.

When you grow money that is not tied to the resources, the name for that is a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme grows the money basically by selling the same resources to many people.

Our growth economy is a Ponzi scheme. The earth does not have resources to support any further growth of the sort we are now experiencing.

It will crash.

Using growth to solve problems only works if the problems are political, and then only temporarily. Growing our economy to save ourselves from our growth economy is a Ponzi scheme. It will not save us from the economic consequences of trying to grow the economy after we have already taken more out of the earth resources than she has to give.