Slides Number Three and Four

In our study of the Ecosystem at the HPJC retreat.

03 Our Tools-Facts Understood
Real facts are the foundation of real solutions. I am presenting here very basic well established biological facts about what the ecosystem requires for its survival. There is no point debating facts that are as well understood as those I will describe, because we can’t change them. Better to debate our own behaviors in response to the facts.

04 Our Tools-Opinions Under Discussion
It is extremely important that we discuss our opinions about these facts so that we can grow and benefit from the wisdom of the community.

“It’s only when we use (these tools) to act on our deepest beliefs to change unjust policies that exploit the powerless, only when we challenge entrenched power holders who fail to address the root causes of disparities, and only when we endeavor to change hearts, especially our own hearts, to impart dignity for all, that we are advancing peace and justice.” Cheryl Crozier, HPJC

“I really believe that people need to step back and examine these (economic and environmental) issues a little bit so we stop treating symptoms . . . and get to the root causes.” Helena Norberg-Hodge, ISEC

The trick is to find out good facts about the root causes. A movie (Ancient Futures) that is distributed by ISEC, provides one of the best studies of historical facts that I have seen.

I sat down to write “Bare Bones Ecology” when I realized to my horror that the biological facts about how the ecosystem functions are generally not available from our usual sources of information.