Houston Peace and Justice Center

The HPJC is finishing its retreat and workshop at an unknown location in Texas and a more interesting and dedicated group of people you will seldom find. We discussed some few issues related to the confluence of factual science, technology, economy and community. For the next few posts (Sundays and Thursdays), I will put up the slides and a brief explanation of the slides that were used as a basis for the discussion. ISEC has a wonderful movie entitled Ancient Futures that describes the impact on a sustainable culture when it is overtaken by a culture that cherishes a growth ethic. I will put links to HPJC and to ISEC later today.

I feel the wind of a strange planet coming toward me;
The smiling faces that were turned my way are fading into black.

I want you to know one fact right off the bat. We are not facing an ordinary cyclic human political problem. What we are facing right now is the unbalancing of the ecosystem. And we have human problems. But resolving the human relations will not resolve the ecosystem problem, and we need the ecosystem because we live inside it.

It is easier to think of the ecosystem as a place where we live, but it would be closer to the truth to think of ourselves as little blood cells circulating within the ecosystem. Whatever we do affects it, and very much the other way around because it is bigger than we are.

And is it a strange planet really?
Or has it been the same old planet all time we thought we could remake it in our image so we never stopped to look at what it really is. It’s better to know who we are.