Feel No Evil
By Lynn

That would be nice.
But we live in a world awash in human emotion.
Evil abounds.

My world view was not shattered by 9-1-1
Shocked Not shattered.
I already knew evil; that it is; what it is.
But I was torn apart a couple of years later, to learn
that we are Auschwitz.
And we enjoy it.

It’s good to know the truth.
To free one’s self from futile make-believe.
And paralyzing pretense.
But maybe not important

Either way, nobody cares about my emotions, and
Hardly anyone cares about yours.

Our impact on life — our opportunity to choose
Whether we add to the world’s pile of woes, or increase its
Quotient of joy.
Our power
Grows not from how we feel,
But from what we do.
Our power lies in our behaviors, for good or ill,
And it’s a fairytale that emotion ties us to behavior.
Evolution gave us emotion; God gave us power.

Love is an emotion.
Kindness is love transformed
into action.
Simple kindness can move the power of love
Into the world.

No matter how we feel.

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