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OK, then I will say straight out that I am convinced (on the basis of my scientific training) there is a strong probability (almost a certainty) that the human species will extinct itself if we continue to believe that we can save ourselves with growth — economic and/or population growth.

I would find this very depressing except that I also believe human people can resolve this problem using our measurable factual knowledge about how the ecosystem functions. I believe this strongly enough to change my whole life in the effort to provide measurable, factual information so that people can understand for themselves the biological problem we face. Otherwise I would not be sitting here typing when the whole beautiful world is outside.

Because right-thinking, conscientious persons do not believe knowledge (especially unpleasant knowledge) unless they can discern the logic of it inside their own brains and unless someone makes that knowledge available to them. What we have available in he media is propaganda and in our educational systems is largely nature study rather than a study of functions.

Propaganda is always more palatable because propaganda gives us easy answers. Nature study is fun but gives no answers. The easy answers always relate to the most visible symptoms of a problem (war, starvation, epidemic, genocide, global warming, economic and political collapse, human rights offenses).

All these problems could be resolved by politics if we were to challenge their cause, but it simply will not work to try to cure the cause of a deadly problem by doing more and more of what caused the problem in the first place. The cause of our biological problems has to do with the ways in which humans react to shortages of resources. We will continue to have increasing shortages of resources that already are (uniquely in history) impacting the whole earth — unless we stop doing the thing that caused the shortages in the first place, which is rampant growth in a finite ecosystem that can not grow. It is a measurable fact that it is impossible to maintain life in an ecosystem that is growing faster than its energy reserves can support, and that has been the theme of all my blogs below.

Or, as I often say, you can not keep ten horses on a one-acre pasture unless your neighbor is growing hay. Our neighbor is the moon.

This is not an easy-answer sort of challenge, but it is logical and understandable, and we can solve it. We will not, however, solve any of the problems if we don’t try to deal with their common cause.

The ecosystem can not grow to accommodate our wishes. And why should it? Human persons are not God to define how we want the biology of the ecosystem to function. It is what it is, like it or not. We must honor the basic natural laws or we will be eliminated from the ecosystem, because the earth ecosystem is a living thing and all living things seek survival. The ecosystem will do what is required for it to survive. If that involves getting rid of us, then that is what will happen, regardless of CARE or Pres. Obama or anything that anyone believes.

Pres. Obama is not bigger than the ecosystem and he can’t do impossible things, no matter how many letters we send to him, but we could do it together if we would. He can not politically change something that is caused by an unhealthy earth ecosystem, but we could do it together if we would. But we can not make the ecosystem healthy — in the face of our rampant growth of the economy and the population of earth because human power does not control the ecosystem. Even if every person on earth were compassionate, well intended and law abiding we would still come to our end if we continue trying to use growth to solve problems that are caused by growth. If we really want to resolve this problem, we will have to talk about the problem, learn what is fact and what is propaganda and what is opinion or misunderstanding, decide what facts are important to the problem, and do something that will work to resolve it.

If we want to maintain any kind of reasonable quality of life within this earth ecosystem, we need to begin immediately to provide birth control for PEOPLE WHO WANT AND NEED IT, and we need to begin even sooner to stop pretending that we can cure the disease by treating the symptoms — and begin positive discussion of the issues that we need to resolve if we are to save ourselves for our future.

Dr. Lynn

So let’s all listen to what our only brave politician has to say, and then send her peals of applause for not being too chicken to say it. Whatever it is. And then continue the conversation to a positive end.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will deliver a major speech Monday, December 21, 2009 to mark the 15th year of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). Secretary Clinton will announce the U.S. Government’s renewed support for and dedication to reaching the ICPD goals and other related UN agreements, including the Millennium Development Goals, by 2015.

Recent polls show that a majority of Americans across the ideological spectrum strongly support the principles in the worldwide consensus reached at the ICPD, including providing voluntary family planning and reproductive health services.

Take this opportunity to view Secretary Clinton’s speech, host viewing parties and take action to support ICPD 2015 throughout the holiday season and new year.
Visit http://www.icpd2015.org for more information.

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