091028TGT_dsc4864s“(God) continues from age to age, and is present from infinity to infinity; he rules all things and he knows what happens and what is able to happen.” Isaac Newton

That is a personal opinion of Isaac Newton, the physicist who also gave us a fact-based scientific understanding of gravity as one of the foundational laws of nature. Without gravity, the universe would not function as it does, with planets whizzing around suns and organized in solar systems and galaxies. Newton described gravity and spent much of his life studying it’s effects, and measuring the ways in which gravity relates to the organization of the universe.

Without gravity and the other laws of physics, life as we know it could not exist on earth. The earth moves around the sun and spins on its axis, creating day and night and all the seasonal variations in light and temperature that permit water to flow and to drop from the clouds, generating an earthly island of moderate conditions in a universe of extremes. The sweet, wet earth upon which life can exist. Without gravity, none of this would exist. But of course you know that gravity does not exist only on earth; it exists throughout the universe. Otherwise the earth ecosystem could not have grown and we would not exist.

Scientists did not create gravity, of course, and human power can not change a “law of nature.” Other universal “natural laws” are also required for life to exist, for example the natural laws of thermodynamics that describe the flow of energy through the entire system.

Isn’t it strange so many people believe that human power controls life on earth?

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