It has taken a week to get back to book 18 on this blog, but you will be happy to know that the mouse pigment genetics book has cleared the editor, except for two pictures and is on its way to publication (or did I mention that before?). Startup_CMYK

So now we can concentrate on something more interesting — the most basic principles of biology – as promised, and I will try to post on every Monday and Thursday morning.

Here is the story of one of our readers. If you let me know what you think about this subject (outlined in a previous blog below) or any other subject you a too will help to make the book better. ☺

“The statement below is so profound and important.

‘The lesson we can understand from these two realities is that we are not the most powerful force in the universe and we must conform to universal laws if we are to survive.’

“I think this is what human beings have the most trouble with, realizing they are not that important in the scheme of things. It is human beings who must fit themselves into the boundaries of the earth and universe not the other way around if they want to survive. The human race has a very hard time with that. They want control or to pretend they are in control. As a species we have made ourselves grandiose and have assumed power we do not have, while abdicating our duty to lesser powers we can influence for the good of humanity and the earth. I would go into why I think it is like this but, I’m sure you have your own ideas on that one and I’m not sure it matters why. We are here now, at this place and have to change if we want to survive as a species. People always talk about the earth collapsing, they seldom admit the earth will go on sans human life with great ease whether we survive or not.

“I still remember the first time I realized how unimportant the human race really is. It was when I went to the Grand Canyon at around 11 years old. I felt like this was some huge birthmark on earth, then realized it was not a birthmark and thought about the millions of years it took for this awesome, huge chasm to form. It was really an experience for me. I remember looking down and seeing a bug crawling across the sand, and I thought..that bug is just as important as I am. After several minutes of introspection, I thought, the bug might be more important than I am, and then related myself to a grain of sand. Funny, kids have this ability but most adults lose it. Maybe because as children we aren’t in control of anything much or haven’t been taught that being in control is so important.

“Lessons in simple science combined with realities of modern life and scientific discoveries are what we need. Human beings have idiotically held on to archaic, superstitious beliefs for so long, it has come to pass that most of the people think we are a lot more powerful or important, than we are. We have the ability to save ourselves, if we will just pay attention to the present and open our eyes to our surroundings and realize what we can change and what we can’t change!”

But how to know, when we the public have access to almost no scientific information. Even public radio and public TV convert the factual science into metaphors because they think, or perhaps hope, that we the public can not understand the reality.

And because, I personally suspect, they prefer to retain the power of the knowledge in their own hands, rather than share it with the people.

And the men say: “It’s all about power.” And the women believe them.

No — it is not all about power. 091028TGTB_dsc4856s.

It is all about balance.