Biology for Real

_DSC4648 copysmallToday we begin a series that will end in the publication of Book 18 “Biology for Real.” The premise of the book is that Life is real; it is not a head game; and it operates according to laws of nature (like gravity for example) that we all can understand. (Who can’t understand gravity? You go up, you come down.)

We all know we have created biological problems on this earth. I think we will be better off when we all begin to work together in the effort to solve them. The first step is to understand basic principles. Fortunately the most basic foundational processes of life are rather well understood by biologists. It seems to me a huge problem we have had in explaining these laws is that we are all the time metaphorically comparing LIFE to ME. Life is not me. Life is a marvelous ongoing creation of the whole earth ecology, and that’s what we need to understand if we are to be good citizens of life on earth. No metaphors here. Only the facts.

Every bit of comment and feedback will help to improve the book. From now I will be posting twice a week and will use the feedback to improve the posts.

This begins section two of the book. Section one was a definition of science (Science is the study of measurable facts using the scientific method. Science is not technology, nor is it religion, nor is it incompatible with either.)

Let’s begin with the big picture and outline the realities of our lives that we can not change.

A. Working from the most inclusive, think about the universe and the solar system. We do not have the power to change these, we can’t even observe very much of the universe, though the sciences of astronomy, physics, mathematics keep learning more of the facts. The two most important realities of the universe, as they relate to us, are:

1. All of reality is hierarchical. The solar system is a part of the universe, the living earth is a part of the solar system; we are a part of the living earth; our cells are a part of us, and so to atoms and beyond. The technical term for this is “levels of organization.” I spent about four years trying to explain levels of organization to people until finally I realized that everyone already knows about levels of organization, but they thought I was talking about something more complicated because of the technical term. So you already know that our universe and everything in it is organized according to levels of organization. We can talk more about it later.

2. The Universe (and therefore everything in it) runs by “Laws of Nature.” Laws of nature is not a technical term, it is my term. Some people think Laws of God. Whatever we think does not change the laws, so we can use either term. The natural laws are things like gravity, energy relationships, and other realities that mostly are studied by the science of physics.

The lesson we can understand from these two realities is that we are not the most powerful force in the universe and we must conform to universal laws if we are to survive. For example, unless you have considered all the natural laws that relate to gravity and flight you should not jump off any tall buildings. Some things we can not change.

B. What is the most important law of life?

1. All of life is about maintaining balance within the hierarchy of the universe; therefore all of this book is about balance. For our lives, we require balance in our bodies, in our communities and in our living earth ecosystem. And beyond.

C. What is the most important law of human life?

1. Human life must conform to the hierarchies of greater powers and must not upset the balance of life. Whatever we believe will not change whatever is real.

2. Human power is the power to choose among realistic choices.

The thesis of this book is that we can do a better job of living and choosing, both individually and in our communities, if we understand the choices that are available, and especially those that are not available because of the natural laws and higher powers. The more we understand, the more we can make the living earth a better place because we lived in it.

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