Our reasons for whatever we do are nowhere near as important as what we do. Everyone knows that whatever we do affects others, whereas negative thinking mostly causes harm to the thinker, and groups of people are more important than individual people. This may be a surprise to most Americans, and especially our television, but without the group there would be no individuals; thus the group, especially the supportive group, is essential to our well being and the individual is definitely not king of the hill.

I learned this because of a lawsuit that I won. I didn’t change any thoughts — but I definitely did change illegal behaviors, and within about five years the thought patterns of the group followed the behaviors.

Of course that didn’t do me any good to speak of. Just as nobody can undo what has been done to this dog. Whatever the reasons for the behavior, the dog would have been better off without the trashing of everything that she loved and believed — not to mention starving.

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