And the Next Step Is?

Belt tightening.

Up till now I have been trying to provide at least symbolic support to various groups of well intended folk whose goals are similar to mine, even though — if one analyzes the problem and the actions — it’s pretty clear they haven’t got the foggiest chance of success. The idea was that in a time when there are so many people with hostile and harmful intentions, good intentions are enough to be worthy of support.

From now my view will be to avoid donating time or money to projects that have little chance of success. This was the genesis of my “toxic tolerance” blog several days ago. They wanted more money. Sadly I decided against supporting an organization that is so dedicated to their own mind set that they can not accept donations of expertise from a field outside their own.

For quite a different reason I’ve now dropped a different group. First they wanted me to tell Obama to stop global warming and today they want me to tell Obama to stop hurricanes. I swear — that’s what they said. If it wasn’t what they meant I will never know, because there is not much point reading further than a headline that is that far out of touch with reality.

I’ll keep my hard-won dollars in my own jeans.

And the New Job Is?

090826Airport_dsc2794SsMy new job begins in one of the more comfortable seats on the plane, flying over a whole country gone mad with people who are trying desperately to “save the world,” despite their primary source of education by television propaganda — and a really quite good glass of Merlot courtesy of “my new best friend,” who seems to actually understand the real problems we face.

A sigh of relief — no longer am I required to spend my research time trying to figure out who did what with which molecule and what difference does it make anyhow in a world gone mad with humanitarians who actually believe they can change mother nature by doing a better job of what caused the problem in the first place.

But it was good, the mouse book. It payed the bills for “Outside the Circle,” and “Outside the Circle” taught me the prologue to meaningful communication about the difference between measurable facts, make-believe and propaganda. And the ways these are manipulated by power brokers. And the words to say what is true.

That’s my job.

If other people do their jobs, we will make it. If not, we can say that my honor was worth the sacrifices.

What’s your frame?