I cleaned up everything at the Studio and went to the ranch with the new computer, forgetting that the new computer won’t hook up to the land line without that $30 3-inch attachment, and I have fired Hughesnet for cause. (If you can find anything else that works, don’t sign up for Hughesnet.) So of course when it was time to RUSH to the computer to get to the front of the internet line of boarding passes I had to RUSH back to the studio, plug in the gadget, access the internet, get my boarding pass, print it out, return to the ranch, shear the sheep, feed the horses, clean myself up and

090825Airport_dsc2792SsIt is a good thing that I leave a day early for morning flights from Austin. Because when I got here that boarding pass was missing AS WAS the confirmation number that I need to get another one.

Folks — it only costs a few dollars more to use a travel agent.

The problem was the telephone. There is not a telephone on earth that will do what I tell it to do. Maybe I should ask nicely. But this nice Quality Inn by the airport is always helpful. Finally the manager dialed the number on his own cell phone, the travel agent sent me my confirmation, I downloaded another boarding pass and I feel very sure right now it is in my new wallet.

But where did I put the wallet?

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