What is Your Frame?

Do you want to be a hero?

090612LuMitchell_dsc1767LsDo you want to be a performer?

Do you want to be a saint?

Do you want to be a medic?

Do you not care about being important?

Do you want to be an intellectual?

Even if you do not want to be an intellectual, the very best way that you can be any one of those other things is to open your heart, mind, eyes and ears to the factual realities of the people with whom you interact and the ecosystem within which you function. In the tribal days your survival might depend upon understanding every leaf, tree and pathway around you. Today your survival might not be at risk, but your whole life may be diminished if you can not see it as it is. On the other hand, if you are willing to figure out the differences between fact, fiction and fancy, your reality can be more than even you imagined.

It’s not easy to listen to things you don’t want to hear. But — It’s also not easy to not listen.

Better to listen so you can help.