We All Need a Frame

We all need the same things because we are all biologically programmed as human persons. Way down deep under all the environmental brick-a-brack we are genetically programmed in the basics, and because I am a geneticist I’ve been trying to think about the implications of this fact.

First, because humans evolved or were created to be social creatures (yes we are creatures on this earth, because the other option is to be nonliving matter), therefore we need the support of others of our kind. That support we already discussed (beginning August 17 on this blog), but I will label it now compassion. Compassion is the willingness to share with others what they need for a life well lived, and in the Bible is known as “love.” What they need within their own frame. Not what we think they should need.

The second thing that we all need is a realistic and positive Frame within which to make our decisions, choices, reactions. It is not possible for humans to understand everything. For example, we do not really understand how/what an atom is, but physicists make diagrams that represent how the atom functions. The diagram is the frame, not the real atom, and it helps us to understand how life functions. Water is wet; tables are solid. Things like that. Another important model (frame) is the concept of gravity. So, if our frame/model is a good model of factual reality we can use it to make airplanes fly and antibiotics save lives.

070601Texas_DSC1658bFsThis need for a frame is inherent, but the frame itself is learned. Everyone has frames. Some of our frames have very little to do with factual reality but they are just as real and useful to us as if they were actually true. No frame is 100% accurate to the overall reality of the universe because the human brain is only a small part of the universe. We are not the vine, we are the branches, or maybe we are just one cell in that leaf at the end of the branch. That cell can not understand the whole vine. Your kidney can not completely understand your brain.

No human person understands everything. However every human person needs a frame within which to make decisions and behaviors.

So now I will tell you the biggest secret about power.

The more you know that is factually accurate and real — the greater will be your personal power to make positive and useful decisions.

Unfortunately, it is also possible to do great harm if you use your frame to hide from or reject factual realities that you would rather not know about. In fact it is extremely common. With the best of intentions, it is possible to cause great harm if you are not willing to listen to and try to understand the factual realities that lie outside your own frame.