We all need the same thing

A few days back I said we all need to be nurtured, and this is true, but the question is, what is nurturing? Depending upon one’s relationship, nurturing is different things when interacting with different people. Nurturing is compassion. Nurturing is respect. Nurturing probably is the Biblical meaning of ‘love,” a word so violated (often by the church) that I prefer to avoid it. Nurturing is giving people what they most need, and — here we are back again — we all need the same things. The problem for the adult is to figure out how to GET those things. How to get respect in the ghetto. How to get respect when the pro-peace community dumps on you because you know more about it than they do. How to get the nurturing that everyone requires — when your life is filled with people who openly disrespect the best and most basic parts of you. The answer to that question is NOT toxic tolerance. Claiming that everyone has a right to his own opinion, and then refusing to listen to that opinion — or what is very much worse pretending to listen — that is not nurturing; it is not respect; it is not compassion and it most certainly is not the nature of Biblical love.