What do You Want?

There is a stretch of road between College Station and Waco that is two lanes wide — one lane in each direction. They are widening it now, but it was about 50 miles of two-lane road with fairly heavy traffic. So, we were driving along at the speed limit, which was reasonably fast, so we kept a reasonable distance between ourselves in case someone had to stop unexpectedly.

And this honking big pickup — maroon in color — worthless for real work, but only for show — would come up on our tail and drive along ten feet behind at 60 mph or so for miles and miles until he found a way to pass. So we would slow down a bit, just in case someone had to stop unexpectedly he wouldn’t run us over. Eventually he would find a stretch of road where he could see ahead for at least 40 or 50 yards and he would go flying by.

He believes he will be happy if only he can make it to the head of the line.

Some day he will figure out the line never stops. There is no head to the line, and when he destroys his beautiful honking big pickup and takes four or five other people to the grave with him — he will leave behind all his chances to find what really would give him what he wants in life. Getting to the head of the line, even if it were possible, won’t.